First Reviews Of Leonard Cohen Old Ideas Album

At least two periodicals of note have already published reviews of Leonard Cohen’s new album, Old Ideas that is slated for release in the US Jan 31, 2012 (and earlier in Europe):

New Yorker (online): “Erotic Spirituality,” “Metaphysics, Music, And Marine Pollution”

Old Ideas was featured in Pop Notes: The Future by John Donohue (New Yorker, Jan 2, 2012):

“Old Ideas” (Columbia; Jan. 31st), Leonard Cohen’s twelfth studio album, finds the seventy-seven-year-old singer-songwriter squaring up against the inevitable even more than usual. The opener, “Going Home,” is a self-referential assessment of a long life’s final movement (“I’d love to speak with Leonard / He’s a sportsman and a shepherd / He’s a lazy bastard living in a suit”); elsewhere, “Show Me the Place” demonstrates his flair for erotic spirituality, and “Banjo” mixes metaphysics, music, and marine pollution.

Uncut (print): “Defiant, Deadpan Nobility”

A LeonardCohenForum post by Davido follows:

The latest UNCUT magazine (No.177, February 2012) has a fine 4-star review of ‘Old Ideas’ by Andy Gill. It is the ‘Album Of The Month’.  Comprises a full page review facing a full page recent photo of LC by his daughter, Lorca.

” An album that pores over the passing and the past with such defiant, deadpan nobility.”

The other highlighted quote in Gill’s review says: “His first studio album for eight years finds Cohen addressing love on a larger moral scale” (referring to the song “Amen”).

“Going Home” is described as “perfect opener” … “delivered over the electric piano and synthetic reed that made ‘I’m Your Man’ so lazily beguiling”.

“Come Healing” is apparently “the “most likely heir to “Hallelujah”.

“Show Me the Place” and “Anyhow” are said to “plod along to a glum blend of organ and piano”, while “Elsewhere ‘Lullaby’ wafts languidly on an undulating guitar figure”.

Finally “Crazy to Love You” {which Anjani featured on “Blue Alert”} “perhaps summarises ‘Old Ideas’ most effectively”.

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