Download Leonard Cohen’s Live in Fredericton EP Free – Jan 6, 2012 ONLY

A January 8, 2012 Gift Of Leonard Cohen

A 12 Days Of Christmas promotion from the good folks at the Ottawa Citizen features today only

Leonard Cohen’s Live in Fredericton EP. This previously-unreleased EP features some of this Canadian legend’s best-known songs, recorded live during the first show of his 2008 world tour.

Songs on the EP include

  • Bird On The Wire
  • Dance Me To The End Of Love
  • Heart With No Companion
  • In My Secret Life
  • Who By Fire

Note:  This download

  1. Requires a Canadian-registered iTunes account
  2. Is available January 6, 2012 only

This offer can be accessed at Ottawa Citizen-iTunes 12 Days Of Christmas


Credit Due Department: I was alerted to this offer by Tom Sakic, webmaster at,

One response to “Download Leonard Cohen’s Live in Fredericton EP Free – Jan 6, 2012 ONLY

  1. David D. Fowler

    HELP!!! This was posted on Facebook, and a number of people posted suggestions on how to get the music. I tried all the recommendations, with no results. All I got, when I went to both the National Post and Montreal Gazette 12 Days of Christmas links, were blank index pages, with no iTunes icon visible anywhere. I tried going to iTunes Canada. I got to the 12 Days section, and clicked the link. All that happened was that it kept me waiting indefinitely while it was supposedly loading the page. This makes no sense, as I have high-speed internet. Any suggestions, before the offer runs out? Failing that, I urge you to implore someone to upload this for all of us poor deprived souls. Please, in the name of God’s Mercy!