Hear “Darkness” From Old Ideas Jan 11, 2012, Read Latest On Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour Prospects Now

“The Darkness” To Replace “Show Me The Place” As Old Ideas Spotlighted Track

Fans will have a chance to hear the version of Leonard Cohen’s “The Darkness” recorded specifically for Old Ideas almost three weeks before the official release of the album (Jan 31, 2012; earlier in Europe).

Jarkko, posting at LeonardCohenForum on Jan 6, 2012, alerts us that

Sony will be switching the song on the splash page on Leonard Cohen.com from “Show Me The Place” to “The Darkness” next Wednesday. “The Darkness” is also going to be played on the radio that day in Canada and the US.

Irish Times & BBC List Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour

From It’s better to burn out . . . or do a tour that earns you millions by Brian Boyd (Irish Times. January 6, 2012)

While all of last year’s top 10 can still jump around a bit (give or take the odd back problem), this year will see the highest-ever age profile of big touring acts, with The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones (widely rumoured for a 50th anniversary jaunt), Black Sabbath, Paul McCartney, Carole King (hurrah!) and 78-year-old Leonard Cohen all taking to the boards. [emphasis mine]

From Look Ahead To 2012 by Mark Savage (BBC. December 31, 2011)

2012 promises the return of rock veterans Bruce Springsteen, U2, Leonard Cohen, The Beach Boys and Tom Petty … [emphasis mine]

OK, both listings are buried in enumerations of tours anticipated by several other musicians, and both are stated in a routine, matter of fact manner (and the Irish Times piece has aged the Canadian singer-songwriter by a year). OK, it does seem likely that Cohen’s management and record label, which have mustered considerable buzz (especially for a Leonard Cohen CD) for the forthcoming Old Ideas album, would execute a somewhat flashier marketing campaign to announce a 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour.  Maybe they are mistakes, the result of misunderstandings, or maybe they are mistakes, the result of printing an item before the news embargo was lifted.

In any case, these two stories certainly do not indicate a need to change the 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour Probability Meter which has been lodged on “High” since Nov. 7, 2011.


Credit Due Department: I was alerted to the BBC announcement by a LeonardCohenForum post by kevwill.

One response to “Hear “Darkness” From Old Ideas Jan 11, 2012, Read Latest On Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour Prospects Now

  1. Well, I wasn’t so sure ’bout the “orange level” and HIGH probability – till this morning, when I read Ine’s report on the Paris meeting:

    “Last album?
    Well, probably not. He has enough material for a new record. “I am working on it right now, may be in a year or so”
    A tour? It’s in his mind.”