Cohen Eclipse – 3.25 Hours Of “Darkness” – Anticipates Song’s Official Release On Old Ideas


Soundcheck before the August 3, 2009 concert at Piaza San Marco, Venice

From Leonard Cohen With A Little Help From His Friends – “The Darkness” Video Playlist

In another of those international Leonard Cohen community efforts,1 Hermitage Prisoner has created a YouTube playlist of “35 videos, from the world pre-premier (soundcheck in Venice) to the final show in Las Vegas,” of Leonard Cohen performing “The Darkness,” which, not at all coincidentally, is scheduled for air play two days hence as part of the Old Ideas album promotion.2

While the version of “The Darkness” that appears on the Old Ideas was recorded specifically for the album, reports from those who have heard the album track indicate the song is performed in much the same style as it was in the World Tour concerts.

As Hermitage Prisoner (St Petersburg, Russia) points out in a post at LeonardCohenForum, a third of the playlist is accounted for by Arlene Dick (ex Toronto, Ontario; now Los Angeles, California), who uploaded seven videos, and Albert Noonan (Dublin, Ireland), who is responsible for five.

Also worthy of special mention is Maarten Massa (Sint-Niklaas, Belgium), who shot and uploaded that first “pre-premier” recording of “The Darkness” at the soundcheck of the August 3, 2009 Leonard Cohen World Tour concert.

Oh, and that guy from Montreal, now residing in Los Angeles – the one formerly known as the “Mel Brooks Of Misery”3 – he pitched in on this project, too.

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Credit Due Department: The photo of the soundcheck atop this post was taken by Jarkko. The photo of Leonard Cohen on guitar was taken by MJ Kim.

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