The 2012 Leonard Cohen Frederiksberg Tour

About That 2012 Leonard Cohen Concert Schedule

Scott Panco, a vigilant Heck Of A Guy reader, forwarded me the link to Viagogo, a site ostensibly selling tickets to Leonard Cohen concerts scheduled for October and November 2012 in Denmark. The graphic atop this post (click on image to enlarge) is a screen capture of a portion of that web page. A survey this morning reveals  the same tickets are being offered on many sites, all of which appear to link back to Viragogo.

In the Wikipedia entry (which sounds, to those as cynical as DrHGuy, as though it might have been written by a Viagogo  staffer), Viagogo  is described as

… an online ticket exchange for buying and selling live event tickets. Established in August 2006, viagogo is now Europe’s largest online ticket marketplace operating local language websites in 26 countries with headquarters in London.

 Vigagogo’s self-description follows:

Viagogo is an online ticket exchange that allows people to buy and sell live event tickets in a safe and guaranteed way.

A quick search revealed only a handful of complaints about the service, most of which focused on high fees.

On The Other Hand

Although the Viagogo site appears legit, there is a rather huge fly in this cyber-ointment: this schedule has Leonard Cohen playing 26 concerts at the same venue from Oct 19 to Nov 19, 2012, a theater in Frederiksberg, Denmark, which is the fifth largest Danish city1 and home to the tallest residential structure in Denmark and the second tallest residential building in Scandinavia.

That would represent a significant shift in the touring modus operandi of the Godfather Of Cool. 2

So, …

What’s with the Vigagogo ticket offer?  Obviously, it’s a mistake – in part or in  toto.  It could be a straightforward error or a hoax.  Or it could be a preliminary draft with erroneously venues that was accidentally released. Or, …

The many charms of Frederiksberg notwithstanding, DrHGuy is not immediately wiring the $700+ required to purchase the tickets for himself and The Duchess to those folks at Vigagogo. He will, however, be keeping an eye on the site for future developments – just in case.

Update: Possible Source Of Misunderstanding Found

After some tangential Googling, I found Aarhus Teater indtager København, an excerpt from which (translated into English by Google) seems the likely source of  the above story:

How to describe Morten Daugbjerg, press coordinator at Aarhus Theatre, a new collaboration between the provincial scene in Aarhus and the illustrious Aveny-T in Frederiksberg, which next year in August again opens its doors with the controversial theatrical man Jon Stephensen as theater manager.

At a press conference today at Aveny-T lifted the veil parties for cooperation which ensures the future of Aarhus Theatre, a permanent stage in the capital. The first idea that takes the tour of ‘Kattegat bridge” is Leonard Cohen concert theater, which will premiere in Aarhus 11th November this year.

Alas, “Leonard Cohen Concert Theater,” a theater production featuring Leonard Cohen’s songs covered in Danish, is not equivalent to “Leonard Cohen Performing In Concert At The Theater.” The site promotes the latter but sells the former (the result of a misunderstanding, one assumes).  A video ad for the  Danish production follows.

  1. The population of Frederiksberg is about twice that of Fredericton, New Brunswick, where the Leonard Cohen World Tour began []
  2. Entry #95: Leonard Cohen, AKA … – The Nickname []

2 responses to “The 2012 Leonard Cohen Frederiksberg Tour

  1. Wow, after watching that clip I can see why theatrical manager Jon Stephensen is controversial.

  2. Very sad to say, that Leonard Cohen has become part of the cultural establishment in Denmark. which means, that everybody thinks they can polish their own image by either being seen in his concerts or by attending whatever performance has cover versions of LC songs or just some reference to LC.
    That’s how we could see ie. a lot of people eating, drinking, walking around and talking and being very noisy at the last concert in Forum Copenhagen, what I personally think was a public disgrace for this part of the audience. I really felt ashamed for these visitors, but they would probably not even understand the problem. Nor the songs, they should have been listening to at that concert. Sometimes too much publicity is not only for the good.
    Aarhus Teater actually is a serious, famous old theatre in the second biggest city.
    I have not seen this particular performance and no intention to do so. But I saw a clip yesterday with an interview of one of the actresses, you also can see in the above video, when she told about being a teenager when her father died and how much LC’s songs comforted her. I do not know the rest of the above performance, neither her reasons to participate in this particular one, but maybe we should not be too quick to judge, what we don’t really know enough about.
    The Aveny Theatre also is a well established theatre and the ticket sellers weird way of promoting the tickets is not necessarily the theatres fault (but I don’t know).
    I am not defending this, but still before judging we should know more. I do not think that Danes attending either performance would have been in doubt that they only were cover/theatre performances.