Best Bootlegs: Joni Mitchell Sings Joni Mitchell ’70

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Joni Mitchell In Concert – BBC 1970

This is, to my ears, Joni Mitchell at her best – when her voice was exquisite, and she was mature enough to allow herself to feel vulnerable now and again but still  young enough to devote herself primarily  to music. She performs an excellent selection songs from her first three albums and some material that would become part of her 1971 Blue Album.

The concert, played in intimate surroundings before a small audience was recorded September 3, 1970 at BBC Television Center – Shepherd’s Bush, London, England. It was originally broadcast October 9, 1970.

Track List: Joni Mitchell Sings Joni Mitchell

  1. Chelsea Morning
  2. Hunter
  3. Intro to ‘The Gallery’
  4. The Gallery
  5. Cactus Tree
  6. My Old Man
  7. For Free
  8. Intro to ‘Woodstock’
  9. Woodstock
  10. Introduction of dulcimer
  11. All I Want
  12. Intro to ‘California’
  13. California
  14. Intro to ‘Big Yellow Taxi’
  15. Big Yellow Taxi
  16. Both Sides Now

Viewing Information

The concert can be seen viewed on videos embedded at The Sixties Archive2

I’ve included “The Gallery” below as an example. The introduction is as interesting as the song, involving Scientology and the problem of being “a lady to an artist” – especially if the artist has dumped the lady.  The lyrics themselves are – well, let’s go with “bittersweet.”  Viewers experiencing difficulty in identifying the artist/infidel lover may wish  to consult Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell: Just One Of Those Things.

Downloading Information

Soundaboard has ripped the audio from the video files, in Flac, MP3, and M4A (note that audio is 2 channel mono), making them available for download in any of these formats at Joni Mitchell – England 1970.3

  1. This post is part of the Heck Of A Guy Best Bootlegs Series. An explanation of this project is included in the first post in this category: Best Bootlegs: Otis Redding – A Soupçon Of Soul. []
  2. Technical details from the site follow:

    PAL DVD, reconstruction of complete BBC 1970 b/cast in original order (48′ 44” edit here)
    from the best known sources (incl. edited 2007 digital broadcast)

    Video: 720×576, VBR (mixed VBR/CBR, 8500kbps max), interlaced, TFF
    Audio: LPCM (48kHz, 16 bit, 1536kbps, 2 channel mono) []

  3. The actual download is from as a single zip file. []

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