Is Fnac Offering Trip To First Concert Of 2012 Leonard Cohen European Tour?

Update 26 March 2012: It’s Official – 2012 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour Schedule

Old Ideas Promotion Offering Trip To “First Concert Of The Upcoming European Tour”

The above ad (in Google English translation) was found at Leonard Cohen Old Ideas (Edición exclusiva española) on the fnac retail site. (click image to enlarge)

Google translation:

Giving away a trip for two to attend the first concert of the upcoming European tour (to be determined) among buyers of their new album ‘Old Ideas’. Exclusive Promotion

As far as I can determine, the promotion, at least in the Google English translation, does not specify the “European tour” is a “Leonard Cohen European tour,” but this is clearly the implication.

Update: Further investigation of the ad reveals the following statement:

If you buy the CD at these stores, you could win 2 tickets to the Cohen’s first concert in Europe (still to be determined).

Credit Due Department:  I was alerted to this item by CHEMA.

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