Glitch Takes Heck Of A Guy Offline

When Cloud Storage Becomes The Perfect Storm

A server glitch took this site (and others) offline for 12 hours yesterday. This is the explanation I received by email:

Dear Customers,

As you may be aware there was a failure on the server platform earlier today. This appears to be linked to a filesystem issue on the cloud storage. As such we have taken the decision to roll back to a backup of the cloud hosting platform that is 2 days old to allow sites to be restored.

** We aim to restore the full cloud platform, with current data, within 12-24 hours **

Well, it turns out I was aware my site had disappeared – as were scores of would be viewers who alerted me to the problem.

What the message means, I think, is that this idealized vision of Cloud Storage:

became this reality:

Actually, the scene that came to mind was this:

Cleaning Up After The Storm

At the time of this posting, the Heck Of A Guy site  looks like it did two days ago (February 2, 2012); the posts, comments, and edits completed after February 2, 2012 (except for the post you are now reading) are missing.  The updated site (i.e., as it was just before the catastrophe yesterday) will, I am assured, be back in place today.

I apologize for these problems.

3 responses to “Glitch Takes Heck Of A Guy Offline

  1. So glad it wasn’t for longer Allan.

  2. It’s Groundhog Day. Again.

  3. The picture of, “The scene that came to mind” was priceless!!! LOL