Odds Of Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour Go Up

Update 26 March 2012: It’s Official – 2012 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour Schedule

Update – 22 March 2012Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour Probability Raised To Done Deal

Update – 25 February 2012: For another positive indicator, see The 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour – Applications Made To Play Dublin August Or September

Newspaper Reports Raise Leonard Cohen Tour Probability Meter To Very High

The Old Ideas album promotions have generated new clues about the possibility of a Leonard Cohen concert tour.

Actually, calling  this excerpt from Exclusive Q&A: Leonard Cohen on New Tour, ‘Old Ideas’ by Andy Greene (Rolling Stone. January 30, 2012)  a “clue” may be an understatement:

[Interviewer] Do you want to tour again soon?
[Leonard Cohen] A tour is being booked.  Whether I’m going to show up . . . I haven’t signed on for it yet, but it’s certainly in the air.

[Interviewer]  Do you want to do it?
[Leonard Cohen] I have two minds. I don’t like to do a small tour, so whether I’m going to sign up for for another couple of years . . . is that really where I want to be? Maybe it is.

[Interviewer] But you think it’s going to happen?
[Leonard Cohen] Looks like it’s going to happen.

[Interviewer] I know that you toured last time partially because of your financial situation. The tour must have taken care of that, so what would drive you to tour again?
[Leonard Cohen] I was able to restore my tiny fortune within a year or so, but I kept on touring. It wasn’t exclusively that unique situation. Touring is like taking the first step on a walk to China. It’s a serious commitment, so there are a lot of factors to be examined.

There are several more items of this sort. The following are a sampling that were easy to find.

John McCrank, for example, writing in Cohen Regroups With Old Ideas for Reuters (January 31, 2012) about Cohen’s appearance at Joe’s Pub in New York reports:

Poet plans to tour again and polish some more songs for another album

Now, Cohen said he is looking for-ward to getting back on stage and that it might be a good time to polish another half-dozen songs that he has been working on, but which were not ready for the release of Old Ideas. …

He said his two-year world tour “warmed some part of my heart that had taken on a chill,” and that he would like to go out on the road again in the near future.

 This excerpt from  Leonard Cohen: And It’s Not Over by Alain de Repentigny (La Presse – Montreal. December 13 2010) is based on conversations with Rob Hallett and Robert Kory:

Hallett [Rob Hallett, AEG promoter who was in large part responsible for Cohen’s2008-2010 World Tour] is already drawing some conclusions from this adventure. Next time – because there will be a next time, it’s almost acquired – Cohen away from theaters to arenas in which, curiously, is better suited his show. And there is no question of participating in festivals: one is angry Cohen is sworn after Coachella, where Morrissey began his concert a little early when we had promised exceptionally Cohen, all other scenes remain silent during the performance of one hour.

Why is not Cohen returned to Montreal, his hometown where he still has a house after three sold-out preview of 2008 Jazz Festival? “It’s all about route, logistics,” says his agent and attorney Robert Kory. “Montreal is special for Leonard, said Rob Hallett. There sang three times, and he feared that people get tired of it. But next time, it will return to Montreal through the front door. “

The next time will probably be in 2012. After the launch of a new album of original songs, his first in seven years, scheduled for fall 2011. Kory told me that 10 new songs are already written. Cohen has played the piano in his band who have repeated, but the recordings to date are essentially models that will work in the studio. The excellent group tour Cohen – “the rock & roll band the sweetest in the world,” said the singer – surely will participate, but it is also about the artist recorded some songs with Jeff in Montreal Fisher, musician and arranger who collaborated on the album I’m Your Man.

And from Leonard Cohen Shows There’s Life In The Old Dog Yet With Launch Of New Album by Alex Needham (The Guardian, 18 January 2012), we find

… Once questions were opened to the floor, Cohen revealed that he is likely to tour after the album’s release, despite fainting on stage after a bout of food poisoning in Spain two years ago. The singer said he had been “invigorated and illuminated” by his last tour, which took in 247 shows over two years to huge audiences and ecstatic reviews.

Before he’d started the tour, Cohen said, “I hadn’t done anything for 15 years. I was like Ronald Reagan in his declining years. He remembered he’d had a good role – he’s played the president in a movie and I felt somewhat that I had been a singer. Being back on the road really re-established me as being a worker in the world and that was a very satisfactory feeling.”

The tour had been prompted by Cohen’s precarious financial situation. The singer sued his former manager for stealing £2.8m from his retirement fund while he was on a five-year retreat in a Zen Buddhist monastery. However, Cohen said: “When I finished the tour I didn’t feel like stopping, so I wrote the record.” He added that a further record and tour were likely.

Roscoe Beck Talks About Next Leonard Cohen Tour

And, listen to Roscoe Beck being interviewed at NAMM 2012:1

The video, uploaded Jan 26, 2012, is cued to begin at the pertinent point.

The Marc Roed Report

Just as I was preparing to publish  this piece, I noticed an item by Marc Roed posted on the Leonard Cohen Facebook Group:

Well have just heard from a concert dealer in Germany
He has signed Mr. Leonard Cohen for 2013 MUST SAY LOOKING FORWARD

The Odds Of A Leonard Cohen Tour Recalculated

Because of these indicators, I am today changing the Heck Of A Guy 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour Probability Meter2 from High to Very High.

In fact, the only factor preventing a rating of Done Deal is the uncertainty about the timing of the Tour, i.e., whether the Tour will take place in 2012 or 2013.

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Credit Due Department: I was alerted to the Roscoe Beck interview by a post on the Roscoe Beck Facebook Page authored by Linda Sturgess.

  1. NAMM is one of the largest music product trade shows in the world []
  2. For more about this instrument, see The 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour Probability Meter. []

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