Dominique Issermann’s Romantic Photos Of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen, photo by Dominique Issermann - Hydra, 1988

Leonard Cohen Always Looks Good In A Suit Jacket
Even In Nothing But A Suit Jacket

These first two photos of a discreetly clad Leonard Cohen – which my resident expert assures me are “very sexy” – were taken by Dominique Issermann, whose qualifications for this job include not only her credentials as an internationally renowned French fashion photographer1 but also her history as the Canadian singer-songwriter’s lover (beginning in the early 1980s and extending several years), their collaborative work on videos including “Dance Me To The End Of Love,” and their ongoing friendship that persists unto this day.

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Leonard Cohen, photo by Dominique Issermann - London 1990

The shots appear in “Leonard par Dominique,” an article published in the January 26, 2012 issue of Le Nouvel Observateur. More of the interview itself, in which Dominique Issermann talks about her relationship with and her unique perspective on Leonard Cohen and the other graphics from the article will also appear on this site with at least a couple of intriguing portions of the text, published in French, translated into English, but these evocative photos deserve their own posting.

Bonus – The Leonard Cohen Centerfold

Dominique Issermann also took this previously posted photo of Leonard Cohen on the beach originally published in “Compagnons de route – Portfolio Cohen par Isserman,” Les Inrockuptibles  Issue # 709, June 30 to July 6, 2009.

Dominique Issermann – January 2012

Dominique Issermann at Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas event, photo by Dominique BOILE - Jan 16, 2012

Credit Due Department: These photos from and the forthcoming Le Nouvel Observateur article itself as well as the shot from Les Inrockuptibles  are,  as ongoing viewers are likely to have already surmised, contributed by Dominique BOILE from his seemingly inexhaustible collection of Leonard Cohen materials.  The photo of Dominique Issermann, however, was taken by Dominick BOILE himself.


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  1. This brief biography is from Ykone:

    … Dominique Issermann made her photography debut at 26. She began working with Zoom magazine doing celebrity profiling. Known for the delicacy of her portraits, the young artist slowly became a prominent figure on the style scene … Among others, Chanel, Christian Dior, Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent were all impressed with Dominique’s work and signed her to shoot their campaigns. In 1987, Dominique was awarded the equivalent of an Oscar in fashion photography. Afterwards, she went on to work with countless fashion magazines, including Vogue, US Cosmopolitan and New York Magazine. []

3 responses to “Dominique Issermann’s Romantic Photos Of Leonard Cohen

  1. “Leonard Cohen Always Looks Good In A Suit Jacket Even In Nothing But A Suit Jacket” Allan, it should be not EVEN but ESPECIALLY in nothing but a suit jacket. (His recent song could have said “lazy bastard living in nothing but a suit jacket”) And I must agree with your resident expert *wink* Thanks for posting these wonderful photos.

  2. Reading your perceptive post about LC and Dominique Isserman and looking forward to more, I was reminded of a young wise voice singing years ago, “…our steps will always rhyme.”