Heck Of A Guy Completes Six Years

Post #2501 and Other Meaningless Numbers

The first Heck Of A Guy post was published March 3, 2006; the 2501st Heck Of A Guy post is the one before you now.

Also on the Heck Of A Guy site are 89 pages,1 308 tags,2 and too many footnotes to count.

The Heck Of A Guy sister site, DrHGuy, has itself accumulated 2272 posts. Heck Of A Guy also sponsors the specialized Leonard Cohen search and directory site, LeonardCohenSearch, and the DrHGuy YouTube channel with over 50 video uploads.3

Heck Of A Guy has produced two collections of unreleased Leonard Cohen songs, The Other Leonard Cohen Album and Another Other Leonard Cohen Album.

And that’s that.

  1. Examples of pages follow: Leonard Cohen Nicknames, Chocolodka, You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If …, and I Can’t Forget: The Leonard Cohen Timeline []
  2. Examples of tags follow: A.E. Housman, , , and , []
  3. DrHGuy YouTube channel videos include Leonard Cohen’s Prince Of Asturias Awards Speech, How To Make CHOCOLODKA, Leonard Cohen – Do I Have To Dance All Night, and The 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour In 60 Seconds []

9 responses to “Heck Of A Guy Completes Six Years

  1. Congratulations, Allan!

  2. Wont to express my feelings with LC lines, here’s how I feel about your site (ever since I discovered it — sorry to say, only in late 2008):
    “I’ve got you like a habit
    And I’ll never get enough…”
    Thanks and congratulations!

  3. Coco Éclair

    Happy anniversary, Allan, and may you receive an ‘extended sentence’ for the benefit of the public! :-)

  4. Congrats on your first six years.

    Being the first day of your sabbatical year, I am curious to see your new direction. According to the dictionary, in a sabbatical year, you will be “carrying out projects not otherwise associated with your current endeavours”.

  5. Congrats Allan.

  6. Diana Dahart

    Congratulations on the 6 years, Allan! You’ve shared with us smiles, tears, laughter, music, Leonard, your “Duchess”, and yourself, and I’ve loved every moment of it! All the best!

  7. Congratulations, Allan! I’ve been following since 2009, almost daily. It is informative, exclusive, funny, very well designed. Keep going.

  8. Congrats!! Thanks for all the great stories and pics. Your sense of humor wraps the packages you give us!

  9. Congrats good Doctor!

    Keep up the great work.