Official Leonard Cohen “Big Announcement” Due March 26, 2012

Update 26 March 2012: It’s Official – 2012 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour Schedule

I just received an email from Jarkko Arjatsalo, webmaster of LeonardCohenFiles and LeonardCohenForum, with the following message:

We Will Have A Big Announcement

Next Monday, March 26, At 9 Am UTC/GMT (UK TIME)

This same message is on the Forum itself, along with the following:

Looking forward to great news!!!

Marie & Jarkko

Included is a link to this section of the LeonardCohenForum

What Will Be Announced

Beyond this information, available to anyone who drops in at LeonardCohenForum, the grownups are adhering to the organizational shibboleth, i.e.,  nobody is tellin’ me nothin’

Consequently, I have no more knowledge about the content of the announcement than does anybody else in the rank and file, but …

  1. I told you so
  2. You’re welcome

2 responses to “Official Leonard Cohen “Big Announcement” Due March 26, 2012

  1. An official tour announcement maybe? Here’s hoping!

  2. 76 facebook likes already. Let’s see how many likes will have your next post!