Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour Probability Raised To Done Deal

Update 26 March 2012: It’s Official – 2012 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour Schedule

 I Have Seen The Future, Baby – And It’s Verona

Those Italian web sites trumpeting the  scheduling of a Leonard Cohen concert in Verona on September 25, 2012, especially given that these announcements specified a date and venue and no one from the Cohen organization has bothered to respond with even the usual perfunctory equivocation (e.g., “nothing has been confirmed”), let alone an absolute denial, has resulted in adjustment of Heck Of A Guy’s Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour Probability Meter from Very High to Done Deal (click on above image for best viewing).

There is more, but the Duchess and I are off to renew our passports.

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5 responses to “Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour Probability Raised To Done Deal

  1. I have a feeling it will go even higher on Monday, Allan :-) . may be even to fait accompli :-) :-)

  2. Kontowood is ONLY 200 miles From Verona. Save The best room for you both, Allan

  3. The authoritative Leonardcohenform.com is issuing an “important announcement” at 08.00 am UK time on Monday the 26th. Widespread assumption on the forum that a new tour will be announced then.

  4. dont worry the tour will go everywhere that you want it to and beyond
    Old Ideas World Tour here we come!!!