“Love, Lust, Fear & Freedom: The Songs of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen” – What’s Not To Like?

Len, Joni, & Lauren Put On A Show

Heck Of A Guy reader Mace Rosenstein offers this  recommendation for Lauren Fox’s cabaret show,  “Love, Lust, Fear & Freedom: The Songs of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen:”

We saw this last night [April 5, 2012] and will try to go again.  I think you would have loved it — we laughed! We cried!  The review describes it nicely — and it was fun to hang around after and talk to her [Lauren Fox].

And, as the message indicates, Mace thoughtfully includes a February 20, 2012 New York Times review of  the production, Conjuring Singer-Songwriters’ Romantic Alchemy by Stephen Holden, an excerpt of which follows:

The affair of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen in the late 1960s may have only lasted a few months, but its resonance in the songs of these two Canadians — especially in Ms. Mitchell’s lyrics — is far reaching. A speculative exploration of their personal and artistic chemistry is only one aspect of Lauren Fox’s remarkable cabaret show, “Love, Lust, Fear & Freedom: The Songs of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen,” at the Metropolitan Room. …

In their youth, Ms. Fox says, these two people wielded tremendous power over the opposite sex. The songs receive just the right amount of biographical annotation, with Ms. Mitchell’s “Cactus Tree” and Mr. Cohen’s “Bird on a Wire” cited as definitive expressions of who they were at the time, both in their own ways consumed by desire.

The review also notes that Lauren Fox will perform again on May 12 and May 17 at the Metropolitan Room.1

The Story Of The Leonard Cohen – Joni Mitchell Liaison

I would be remiss not to mention that one can prepare for Ms Fox’s show – or explore this intriguing junction of the lives of Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell even if one is unable to bop down to West 22nd Street to laugh and cry ala the Rosensteins – by reading up on  the liaison between these two Canadian singer-songwriters at  Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell: Just One Of Those Things.

And,  I would be even more remiss not to point out that the show apparently does not include the songs that would seem a sure bet for this program: “Winter Lady” By Joni Mitchell & “Winter Lady” By Leonard Cohen.  Mace provides this set list:

  • Michael from Mountains
  • Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye
  • Rainy Night House
  • Night Comes On
  • Marcie
  • Just a Little Green
  • Chelsea Hotel No. 2
  • Chelsea Morning
  • Suzanne
  • River
  • Cactus Tree
  • I’m Your Man
  • All I Want
  • Bird on a Wire
  • Hallelujah
  • Both sides now

Lauren Fox In Performance – Videos

Lauren Fox – Hallelujah
“Love, Lust, Fear & Freedom” at The Metropolitan Room, NYC

Lauren Fox – River
“Love, Lust, Fear & Freedom” at The Metropolitan Room, NYC

Credit Due Department: The photo by Michelle V. Agins was featured in the New York Times article referenced.

  1. Metropolitan Room, 34 West 22nd Street, Flatiron district, (212) 206-0440, metropolitanroom.com []

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