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Viewers attempting to decipher yesterday’s post, Leonard Cohen To Participate In Spanish Flamenco Project Produced By Juan Lebron, were faced with the choice of reading the article in the original newspaper Spanish or in Google’s sometimes surreal version of English. Coming to the rescue, however, Coco Éclair provides an English translation of Leonard Cohen participará en el nuevo proyecto flamenco de Juan Lebrón, que podría contar con Charlize Theron (Euro Press, April 11, 2012) that is readable by humans.

I will only add that any reader unaware of Leonard Cohen’s affection for flamenco music would do well to watch the video of his Prince of Asturias Awards Speech – How Leonard Cohen Got His Song.

Leonard Cohen Will Participate In Producer Juan Lebron’s New Project – Translation By Coco Éclair

The singer and poet, Leonard Cohen, will participate in producer Juan Lebron’s new project , a new series that will bring together the remastered content of ‘Sevillanas’ and ‘Flamenco’ by Carlos Saura, which could also include  the actress South African Charlize Theron. With a budget of 1.5 million, this project will also feature the poet José Manuel Caballero Bonald, the dancer Sara Baras, and the singer Miguel Poveda.

Lebron explains himself to Europa Press, recalling that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the premiere of ‘Sevillanas’ by Saura, “both films are going to be remastered, and then released at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla”. But he continues, “I’ve been thinking for some time about the idea of creating, with all the available material, a new TV format that is directed more at the international market, those people who aren’t familiar with Flamenco, so I needed to give it some educational content and also submit it to someone who was well known in the world of music.”

Thus continues the producer, ” we think the best person would be an international icon, with a love of flamenco, Lorca, and Andalusia such as Cohen, to whom we proposed it and he accepted.” The poet and musician from Montreal put the image and voice to the texts of Caballero Bonald, who will write the contents of the series, which “will be extraordinary and with which flamenco is going to open new channels of communication and knowledge “. The producer will soon begin his work on the script with the poet Cadiz.

Although the format is not fully defined yet, Lebron clarifies that it will be an informative format in which Cohen, for example, “appears first in English explaining why he likes flamenco, and then between each palo,1  just over 30 between ‘Sevillanas’ and ‘Flamenco’, he will give short explanations of this art. ” In addition, the producer says he is trying to get the series, which will consist of five episodes of 45 minutes, ” filmed in Spain in October, when Cohen has planned several activities in our country, and I would love to connect during the days of the Seville Biennial, and that the product be completed by January 2013.”

But this project does not end here, and Juan Lebron likewise has  also scheduled the South African actress Charlize Theron, who he says, ‘dances flamenco extraordinarily ’. In this regard, he explains that during her childhood in the suburbs of Johannesburg, between the age of six and twelve years, the artist attended an academy run by a woman from Granada, so  the idea ‘is to create a certain number of international apprenticeships (learning experiences) , in which Poveda will sing a ‘sevillana’ and Sara Baras will perform the dance style together with Theron giving a master class’.

In any case, Lebron makes clear that while the agreement with Cohen “is fully closed, that of Theron is not yet completely closed.”

  1. Wikipedia is helpful in defining the Spanish term “palo:”
    Palo is the name traditionally given in the flamenco environment for the different musical forms that constitute the traditional musical heritage of flamenco. Each palo is characterized by a variety of musical features such as its rhythmic pattern, its mode, its characteristic motifs, or the type of stanza used for the lyrics, and comprises a series of traditional melodies or songs, generally called estilos (styles) in the flamenco jargon. The meaning of estilo here has nothing to do with the general meaning of “style” as a series of characteristics that define a musical period, a trend, a genre, or the particular manner of an artist: it refers to a particular composition or song which was created in the past, either anonymously or attributed to a particular singer, and was developed by generations of singers. Any newly composed, non-traditional songs or compositions following the general form of the palo are also usually called by the name palo.

    The word palo, in Spanish, has several meanings, the main one being “stick”, “bar”, “pole” or “rod”, but in this case it has the sense of “suit of cards”. Therefore, it has a metaphorical use meaning category or classification. []

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