99 Boxes Of Books On The Wall – We Wish

Books, Books, Books, Books, …

Later this morning the Duchess of Durham and I will take delivery of the 99 (yes, we counted – twice) boxes of unsorted books that have been in storage in Chicago the past five years.

These represent the remains of the library previously housed at a former, much larger domicile. A portion of the upstairs section of that library can be seen below in the background of my demonstration of the dismount from the walker to which I was chained while recovering from a broken hip.1

Dismount From Pommel Walker

Dismount From Pommel Walker

Vs Shelves

We calculate we have enough empty shelf space to accommodate about two-thirds of those volumes.

The Consequences

I hope to resume less bookish postings in the next two or three days.

  1. See Walkernastics – The Walker Dismount []

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