Leonard Cohen Band Veteran Mitch Watkins Replaces Ailing Bob Metzger On Old Ideas Tour

Mitch Watkinhs - Photo from YouTube video

Mitch Watkins Returns To 1st Leonard Cohen Tour In 27 Years

The implications of posts yesterday at Greetings From Camp Cohen that (1) “there might be a couple fresh faces” in the 2012 Old Ideas Touring Band and (2) Mitch Watkins was at the Tour rehearsal site (see photo left, captioned “Hattie Webb can’t get enough of veteran tour mates Mitch Watkins and Roscoe Beck as they relive past LC campaigns through newly surfaced and hilariously incriminating photos of the ‘79/’80 LC tours which produced the “Field Commander Cohen” live record.”) were realized late last night when a LeonardCohenForum post by Jarkko Arjatsalo confirmed that

Mitch Watkins has joined the band. He has toured with Leonard in 1979, 1980, and 1985.

Mitch will be on the guitar. Bob Metzger cannot go on tour because of health issues.

Those who follow DrHGuy may also recall Watkins from this photo published May 1, 2012 under the aegis, “The Elegant Stylings Of Leonard Cohen, Mitch Watkins, & Roscoe Beck.”

Left to right: Leonard Cohen, Mitch Watkins, Charles Roscoe Beck (1980).  Mitch Watkins was the guitarist and Roscoe Beck the bass player and band leader for Leonard Cohen’s band for the 1979-1985 Tours. Photo by Alberto Manzano. Contributed by Dominique BOILE.

Watkins is also seen in this 1985 video of Leonard Cohen and the band performing Dance Me To The End Of Love perform on Australian television.

5 responses to “Leonard Cohen Band Veteran Mitch Watkins Replaces Ailing Bob Metzger On Old Ideas Tour

  1. Just a great song/interview. Thanks Allan.

  2. Bummer on Bob! Get well soon, man!

  3. Rachel Beldock

    Allan, thank you for posting this very interesting news. So sorry to hear of Bob Metzger’s health problem – hope he gets well very soon; & glad that Mitch Watkins is able to join the tour. I tried to find Jarkko’s post about this, which you mentioned, but I couldn’t find it in the forum. I assumed it would be in the new section – is it somewhere else??

  4. Ah, the three wise monkeys together again!
    I can’t wait for this reunion to be realized – especially to hopefully welcome Mitch back to The Land Of Oz!
    So sorry it is at the expense of Bob. I hope he recovers fully soon.