Banana-infused Jameson Whiskey Added To Heck Of A Guy Bar

The Ying To Chocolodka’s Yang

Banana-infused Jameson Whiskey turns out to be a deceptively subtle, sophisticated potable, the recipe for which requires only two easily obtained ingredients and a modicum of patience. Despite all this – and the implicit absence of a dishwasher throughout  the process – this potion has been designated the second official Heck Of A Guy drink. Almost exactly six years after the publication of  The Quintessential Chocolate Vodka – Chocolodka, banana-infused Jameson takes its place as the suave companion to the more rambunctious Chocolodka.

The key factor in this decision? Well, banana-infused Jameson merits the same praise I’ve often applied to Chocolodka – both are

intoxicatingly delicious and deliciously intoxicating

The Source

As one might infer from the description, banana-infused Jameson originated in a cosmopolitan but adventuresome restaurant located in that cosmopolitan but adventuresome city, New York.

According to Monkeying With Whiskey by Kevin Sintumuang (Wall Street Journal, March 16, 2012), Marc Forgione of Restaurant Marc Forgione was first taken by peach-infused Jameson but it was when bananas were substituted for peaches that “a cult hit was born.” The WSJ piece notes

By 5:30 on any given day, half the bar will have a rocks glass full of the stuff in hand. It even caps off the tasting menu. As one of the Michelin-starred restaurant’s best-selling items, about 18 liters of the libation is produced daily.

The article also offers a useful description of the drink’s effect:

“It’s hard for the average person to taste a spirit without being overwhelmed,” said Mr. Conway. “This lets them decipher them in a really approachable, enjoyable way.” In other words, if you never liked Jameson, you’ll love banana-infused Jameson—the fruit softens everything about the spirit without changing the profile or delivering much sting or burn. Viscous and a tad sweet, the drink skews a bit toward the desserty side—like a liquid version of banana bread pudding—but no one’s going to scoff if you have one pre-dinner.

 The Recipe

The article offers only an approximation of the restaurant’s secret formula, but taste tests by the usual Heck Of A Guy suspects confirm that the results are outstanding:

Banana-Infused Jameson


  • Three bananas, peeled and sliced
  • One 750ml bottle Jameson Irish Whiskey

Directions: Place bananas and Jameson into a sealed container for three to four days. Strain out banana slices using a mesh strainer and discard. The infusion should be slightly viscous and cloudy—this gives the drink its unique texture, body and flavor. Pour infused Jameson back into container or bottle. Serve in a rocks glass with a single cube.

3 responses to “Banana-infused Jameson Whiskey Added To Heck Of A Guy Bar

  1. and you will love how this tastes

  2. I appreciate this recipe for Banana-infused Jameson Whiskey does not offer up the same visual opportunities for making an inspirational instructional “how-to” video as does Chocolodka. Still, perhaps, using time-lapse-photography, there is potential?

    I have it on good authority that there is currently ongoing field-testing of a traveller’s Chocolodka recipe. Something for those souls without access to a dish-washer, home-made double-boiler, or fancy-shmancy Bain-Marie in their hotel room, pensione, hostel or other such temporary dwelling-space.

    Should these on-the-road methods achieve optimal standards vis-a-vis the resulting elixir, I believe we can anticipate word soon in appropriate peer review journals.

  3. Coco Éclair

    Not being one to procrastinate on the important matters of food and drink, I can assure all that
    within the next two days, my first batch of this amber brew will be thoroughly tested – both for ‘legs’, and ‘tongue feel’ – to impose a Scottish term on an Irish whiskey. After only one night of ‘soaking’ in the jar, I must say, the bananas are already looking rather giddy.

    Oh – and I believe I can say this with some confidence – the traveller’s Chocolodka recipe, “Chocolodka On The Run”, is a fait accompli. Though the recipe may not be released for some time, product orders could be available soon: single 13 oz bottles or 6 packs – free shipping and handling :-)