Adrienne Clarkson & Leonard Cohen Did Get Together At The Glenn Gould Prize Gala

Back In The Spotlight Together

This is a follow-up of sorts to my earlier post, Leonard Cohen and Adrienne Clarkson Meet Again At Tonight’s Glenn Gould Prize Ceremony.

The excerpt is from Lauding The Ladies’ Man by Shinan Govani  (National Post. May 16, 2012):

Among the highlights at the Leonard Cohen-palozza held Monday night in Toronto — an event that took on the characteristics of a liturgy, and constituted an all-out exercise in monotheism at Massey Hall — was an address, and a vow, by Adrienne Clarkson. Her speech — passionate, personal, on-point — stood out not just as a spiel of the sacred, but for a sub- and surtext verging on the romantic.

During Cohen’s last tour, the grooviest former GG told the room (in which the legend, and his fedora, sat as well), “I went to nine concerts in four different countries.” Including, yep, a stop in Bilbao, Spain, where she now carries the memory of 14,000 Basques singing Closing Time in unity [in English1].

With Cohen set to tour again later this year, the super-duper groupie followed up, “I hope to beat that record.” (Expedia: you have been warned!) The memory lane, further strolled, included Clarkson’s remembrance of the bard doing her show on the CBC in 1967 (his first time singing on television!), as well as a swath of moments shared: in Paris at Café de Flore; brunch at Beauty’s in Montreal; and fun times at her own regal address of Rideau Hall.

All this — and as laudatory as she was! — Clarkson actually stopped short of the words she once spun in an essay she once wrote about the legend: “When he speaks to you, a pattern appears in the shadow on the wall, the floors moulds to your feet.”

Well, nobody said Cohen wasn’t a ladies’ man.

Adrienne Clarkson, Leonard Cohen, Adam Cohen

Credit Due Department: The image atop this post is adapted from a photo from the Glenn Gould Foundation site. The second photo from the top is from Torontoist.  The third from the top is by Roger Cullman Photography. The fourth photo from the top is from the Vancouver Sun. The shot of Adrienne Clarkson, Leonard Cohen, and Adam Cohen at the bottom of the post is from the Glenn Gould Foundation site.

  1. “In English” were the words Clarkson actually used according to an audience member []

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