Leonard Cohen Reads From Peter Pan To Lorca And Adam – A Photo For Father’s Day

Leonard Cohen’s reference to Father’s Day in First We Take Manhattan, “It’s Father’s Day and everybody’s wounded,” isn’t likely to turn up on a Hallmark card. Further, the Canadian singer-songwriter has consistently criticized  his own record as a father:

I have never been a good civilian. my children like me. But the truth is that I tried to be a good father and husband, but I was not very good.1

On the other hand, he has just as consistently expressed his affection, admiration, and appreciation for his son, Adam, and his daughter, Lorca. And, he certainly seems to enjoy being grandfather to Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen (daughter of Lorca Cohen and Rufus Wainwright) and Cassius Cohen (Adam’s son, pictured below).2

So, when Dominique BOILE serendipitously suggested, a couple of days ago, the evocative photo now seen atop this post (click on images for best viewing) for another project,  I realized that a young Leonard Cohen reading from Peter Pan to his delighted children could well be the  quintessential Heck Of A Guy Father’s Day offering.

Turns out I was right.

  1. Magazine, Sunday Supplement to El Mundo, September 26, 2001 []
  2. A collection of Leonard Cohen’s comments about his children and childhood in general can be found at Leonard Cohen On Children. []

3 responses to “Leonard Cohen Reads From Peter Pan To Lorca And Adam – A Photo For Father’s Day

  1. Such an adorable pic….and today is for licking those wounds and remembering the love..x

  2. Perfect; thanks Allan.

  3. Rachel Beldock

    I’m not a father, & my father would not be interested in this, but you certainly brightened my day, & my smile, with those totally brilliant photos!! Thank you sooo much!!