DrHGuy Installs New Machinery – Delays Expected

Heck Of A Guy Posts Delayed During Computer Replacement

While love may be the only engine of survival, blogging also requires a working computer. While I set up the latest in a long line of computers that began with the Kaypro II1 in the early 1980s, the frequency of posting will range from zilch to sparse.

Photos, reports, recordings, posters, and the other artifacts received from readers and correspondents will be published but may well be delayed.

I do have some extra help just now, but only until soundcheck.

Credit Due Department: The glorious “Frankenstein Steampunk” computer was built by Dana Mattocks; many more photos of this 8 feet tall, 400 pounds machine can be viewed at his Flickr set.  The photo of the Kaypro II and its specs were found at the aptly named Old Computers site. The shot of the mechanic is something I put together for a Jan 2009 post, Leonard Cohen’s Day Job – It’s The Funny Leonard Cohen Parody.

  1. Kaypro II specs:

    Released: 1982
    Price: US $1595.
    Weight: 26 lbs
    CPU: Zilog Z80, 2.5 MHz
    RAM: 64K
    Display: 9″ green phosphor screen.
    24 X 80 text only
    Ports: Serial port
    Parallel port
    Storage: Two internal 5-1/4″
    SS-DD 195K drives


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  1. is it the machinery of change?