What The Leonard Cohen Backup Singer Didn’t See – A DrHGuy Mystery

Chapter One: The Six Year Differential

Emily Bindiger didn’t recognize the backup singer in the photo of Leonard Cohen performing in 1974, which was odd since she and Erin Dickins were Cohen’s backing vocalists that year…

After posting four photos taken by Pete Purnell of Leonard Cohen in concert in  Amsterdam on Oct 2, 1974, it occurred to me that, because photos from that tour have been especially difficult to find,  Emily Bindiger and Erin Dickins, Cohen’s backup singers in 1974, might be interested in them. Consequently, I sent both a link to  that post.

Emily responded that she didn’t recognize the backup singer and asked if we were certain the photos were taken in 1974.  I relayed Emily’s response to Pete Purnell, who immediately combed through decades of his photographic records, finally discovering that the photos initially labeled “Leonard Cohen Concert – Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam. October 2, 1974″ were actually photos from the Oct 30, 1980 Leonard Cohen Concert at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.

Which makes the backup singer partially hidden behind Leonard Cohen’s guitar in the photo below (click on image for best viewing) Sharon Robinson, who also fulfills that role on the 2012 Tour, albeit from the other side of Mr Cohen.

While the identification error has been corrected at the original post1 (where the other photos from that show can be viewed), I wanted to (1) make ongoing readers aware of the issue, (2) thank Emily Bindiger for alerting us to the problem, and (3) thank Pete Purnell for spending a large part of his Saturday reviewing his records  in order to rectify the mistake.

  1. Happily the photos from the 1980 Amsterdam concert were also “Rare, Unpublished Photos Of Leonard Cohen In Concert,” only the date and venue had to be changed in the title. []

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  1. Well, that’s Sharon Robinson, as anybody can see at first glance…