Early Buzz: Leonard Cohen In Toronto Dec 4, 2012

I love concerts. Last night I saw Leonard Cohen and his fantastic musicians and singers. He’s 78 and the concert went from 8:10 PM to 11:50 and I thought it would be over by 10. Never thought an “old man” would make me miss my curfew by over an hour. — with Leonard Cohen at Air Canada Centre.”

Sharon Nickerson, photo and quote posted at Leonard Cohen Facebook Page

 “I didn’t sing for 15 years, and now you can’t get rid of me”

Photo by Peter Power

I didn’t sing for 15 years, and now you can’t get rid of me. We might not see each other ever again, but, tonight, we’ll give you everything we’ve got.

Leonard Cohen at Dec 4, 2012 Toronto Concert, quoted in Leonard Cohen: Paying rent in the tower of song sounds divine, Brad Wheeler’s review of that show (Globe And Mail: Dec 5, 2012).

I also like the opening paragraph:

The 78-year-old man in the suit and fedora jogged to the centre of the stage, because no one told him not to. He knelt on a rug as he sang in a husky half-croon, “dance me through the curtains that our kisses have outworn; raise a tent of shelter now, though every thread is torn.” Outworn kisses, torn threads – and yet Leonard Cohen, the bleak man of terminal passion and a dirge-ready bent, is warmer and jauntier on stage than his pained repertoire would seem to advertise. Dance him to the end of love? My man, you lead.

The Leonard Cohen Air Canada Centre Concert Experience

Venues for the 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour have included outdoor festival grounds, ancient castles and stadia, formal concert halls, and sports arenas. These images provide a sense of what it was like to attend last night’s (Dec 4, 2012) Leonard Cohen Concert at the Toronto Air Canada Centre (aka The Hanger), which, configured for concerts, seats 19,800.

  1. Photo by amproducerjen via Instagram
  2. Photo by dramachic via Instagram
  3. Photo by rekha via Twitter

One response to “Early Buzz: Leonard Cohen In Toronto Dec 4, 2012

  1. Naomi Bushwoman

    I spent 12 hours en route to to Toronto, from NE of Pittsburgh, PA, arriving just in time for the doors to open. From beginning to end, Leonard and company gave their best. I had a heck of a chuckle during Anyhow which I think was appreciated; I know I was quite amused. I discovered Leonard when I left the USA to live in the Canadian bush in 2004. I have made an intensive study of Leonard Cohen, making an exception in his case even to ask for an autograph. I have not been a concert goer in my half century of life; yet, for this master wordsmith and vacalist, I have traveled to Toronto and to Dublin to see him and company in concert. Thank you, Leonard, for this incredible journey of introspection, healing and insight through your impeccable verse. To each member of your company, I give my meager attempt at gratitude. Until next time….my love…