2013 Leonard Cohen German Concerts Announced

In addition to the previously announced June 21, 2013 Leonard Cohen London concert, the following shows have now been officially scheduled:1

June 25: Germany Oberhausen Honig Arena

July 12: Germany Mannheim Sap Arena
July 14: Germany Hamburg 02 World
July 17: Germany Berlin 02 World

These new concerts will now be going on pre-sale 9 AM Central tomorrow (December 11). General ticket sales for fhe German shows begins 9 AM Thursday (Dec 13).

For more information about the pre-sale , see LeonardCohenForum

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2 responses to “2013 Leonard Cohen German Concerts Announced

  1. Nathan Parsons

    I really hope he comes to australia. i know i shouldn’t be greedy .. at one stage i thought i would never get to see him play and now i’ve seen him 3 times..but still.. hope he comes back