Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” In Sexy TV Ads For Fleur Du Male Cologne & Petland

Leonard Cohen’s Music In TV Commercials

Hermitage Prisoner aka Roman Gavrilin has put together a wondrous collection of TV ads that employ Leonard Cohen’s music.  The products being hawked are most often the music itself (Leonard Cohen albums, concerts, collections, …), but there are also ads promoting the Canadian Cinema and the Canadian Cancer Society, a shocking anti-smoking ad, an ad for an FM radio station, etc.

Both of the videos embedded below feature Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” as the soundtrack. The first is a conventional promotion for a cologne emphasizing its masculinity. The second is a less conventional, very interesting ad put on by Petland Argentina.

Fleur Du Male
Video Para Fragancia Masculina. 2007.
Video: mayita30


Ciego – Petland
Comercial de TV año 2003. Director: Jorge Malatesta. Director Creativo: Pablo Poncini. Productora: Encuadre. País: Argentina
Video: Jorge Malatesta

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