We Need To Talk. It’s Not You – Well, It’s Some Of You, But Mostly It’s Twitter

So Long, Posterous

Delays Ahead: Consensus has it that Posterous, the platform supporting DrHGuy, my preferred site for photos, quotes, and less prolix posts (see screenshot above), is in its terminal stages. And, I have finally worked my way through Denial, Anger, etc to Acceptance – a really pissed off version of Acceptance but Acceptance nonetheless.

Twitter bought Posterous several months ago solely to hire the guys who developed the site and acquire certain technology so continuation of support for those blogging on Posterous – me, for example – grows more unlikely with each passing day.

I have been searching for alternative platforms for my DrHGuy posts. 1HeckOfAGuy.com is formatted for text-heavy pieces and links to posts other than those on page one. Consequently, it doesn’t present images to best advantage. Some platforms (e.g., Tumblr) don’t support search processes adequately. Others don’t play well with social media. Some are just too darn ugly to contemplate.

Further, it turns out that while moving DrHGuy’s 3500+ posts is itself no small task the most significant problem is reorganizing the material to optimally fit a new software infrastructure.

Finally, I am taking advantage of this event to reconsider the direction Heck Of A Guy and DrHGuy will take in the future. 1

All this means I may be even slower than usual in responding to email, processing new material for presentation, … And, it means that posting on any of my sites will be sporadic and perhaps absent altogether for the next several days.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to preparing for the move.

Credit Due Department: I found the marvelous photo at the end of this post in 2008 (when I previously used it to illustrate another sort of move) at a site that didn’t credit its source (a favor I’ll return now by not listing the site that ripped it off without attribution) but did hot-link to it. That source was Mirage.Studio.7, a slick architectural blog, subtitled “Architecture is poetry,” which properly credits TESSELLAR, a blog promoting “a new method of subdividing land for housing [that] produces better social, environmental and aesthetic outcomes, and in a way that also uses land more efficiently. In the series of blogs below, is an introduction to Tessellation Planning.” Tessellar notes that the photo was taken by Rahmat Othman and accompanies an article in the New Straits Times, 15 August 2007, which explains, Farmer Abu Hassan Ahmad was so attached to his home; he decided to take the whole house with him when he had to move. ‘We had lived in the old site for more than 20 years, but now we want to be closer to my mother-in–law to take care of her.” The 56 year old farmer said several village elders got about 150 villagers to help with the big move. Besides helping to carry the house half a kilometer to the new site, the villagers also took part in a “gotong-royong” (communal working together) to clear the land at the new location. It took an hour to move the house.2

  1. Why change? Well, visions of dancing sugarplums have undergone a post-holiday transformation into equally unlikely aspirations of becoming a happy blogger of matters Cohen. []
  2. For a comparable community effort, read about the miracle of the Le Mans extrication at The Great Ozark Folk Festival Flood of 1973: The Finale []

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  1. “…becoming a happy blogger of matters Cohen.” [↩]
    I thought you always were a happy blogger PLUS PLUS PLUS +++ in matters Cohen.
    Anticipating good things to come and with many good wishes for 2013,