Praise For Mandy MacLeod’s “Extraordinary” Video Of Leonard Cohen’s “Indescribably Beautiful” Suzanne – Montreal 2012

Leonard Cohen performs Suzanne – Montreal, Nov 29, 2012 (screen capture)

Yesterday (Jan 7, 2013), Dangerous Minds posted Leonard Cohen sings ‘Suzanne’ with heartbreaking beauty in Montreal, 2012:

Leonard Cohen sings an indescribably beautiful version of “Suzanne” in Montreal in November of last year. This man is truly a living tower of song, jutting into our consciousness like huge loving fingers of light.

Thinking back on my musical epiphanies of 2012, Leonard Cohen’s performance in Austin was possessed of enormous soul that made me weep tears of gratitude.

This video is pretty extraordinary in its intimacy. Thanks to Mad Lenny Fan.

Since that post, blog posts and Twitter messages along the lines of the following have been broadcast:

Oh, this is sublime – Leonard Cohen performs “Suzanne” in Montreal1

Readers may recall that same video by MadLennyFan aka Mandy MacLeod was posted at Heck Of A Guy Dec 11, 2012 (the same day that it was uploaded to YouTube).

While it’s not clear why it took almost a month this video to gain traction, it is heartening to see Leonard Cohen’s (and Mandy MacLeod’s) work acknowledged. And, these online references to it do constitute a dandy excuse  to post an encore presentation of this up close & personal recording – and an excellent reason to offer our own commendations to Mandy MacLeod.

Suzanne – Leonard Cohen
Video: MadLennyFan


  1. From Maria Popova via Twitter []

3 responses to “Praise For Mandy MacLeod’s “Extraordinary” Video Of Leonard Cohen’s “Indescribably Beautiful” Suzanne – Montreal 2012

  1. Elizabeth Bacon-Smith

    Sublime, indeed, Mandy.

    Loved your steady hand and how you captured Leonard’s seeming to have to come out of his other world in order to defer to the violin. Loved how you remained focused on him in the dark.

    Thanks for reposting it, Allan. Hadn’t seen it until now. Aren’t you glad you went to Montreal, Mandy.

  2. Sublime, Mandy. Thank you.