2013 Old Footage-Old Ideas Tour Promotional Video


The Recycled Old Ideas Tour Video Ad

This 16 second video from AEGLive promotes the 2013 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas Tour using clips from concerts that took place during the 2008-2012 Tour, when Dino Soldo and Bob Metzger last appeared in the band (see circled figures in screenshot below).


Equally awkward is the final scene (see screenshot below) advising viewers that the Old Ideas album is “Available Now,” a term connoting the recent availability of a given item or service. While the Old Ideas album is indeed “available now,” it would have been equally accurate to note that it has been “available for over a year now.”


The 2013 Tour promotional video, in fact, differs little from the 2012 Tour video other than updates such “Spring 2013″ replacing “Fall 2012.”

The misapplication of “Available Now” and the anachronistic appearance of Dino Soldo and Bob Metzger thus seem the result of casual production, and long-term Cohen fans could be forgiven if they are concerned lest this signal a return to the benign neglect marketing mode historically employed by Leonard Cohen’s record label until the more aggressive campaign that accompanied the release of Old Ideas in 2012.1

Leonard Cohen 2013 Old Ideas Tour Promotional Video

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