Irish Times Publishes First Details Of 2023 Leonard Cohen Tour


Irish Times 2023: Leonard Cohen To Perform In ‘Final’ Farewell World Tour

On Feb 6, 2013 Irish Times printed “a special supplement to envision what a brighter-future Ireland ten years from now could look like. The supplement features writing from a familiar cast of Irish Times journalists as well as contributions from Bono and Bob Geldof.”1 It’s no surprise, of course, that Leonard Cohen would be part of that brighter future.

DrHGuy Note
: The Irish Times story, while brilliant, is incomplete. Consider the following list of pertinent items The Heck Of A Guy Supplement To The 2023 Irish Times Supplement:

  • Leonard Cohen’s management refuses to comment on the Irish Times announcement of the concert dates other than stating “Nothing is official”
  • AEG issues a press release reporting that “In response to overwhelming fan demand, Leonard Cohen’s acclaimed Incredibly Old Ideas World Tour has just added a 13th show in Ireland”
  • The entire population of Ireland begins rehearsals of “So Long, Marianne”
  • Albert Noonan is hired as official videographer for the 2023 Tour
  • Gwen Langford and Mandy MacLeod reveal they have already arranged tickets, travel, and lodging for every concert in Ireland
  • When Forum members ask about the Irish Times report, Jarkko counsels them to “Be Patient” – and schedules a presale
  • Heck Of A Guy gloats about posting rumors of the Irish concerts ten years ago

Credit Due Department: The graphic atop this post was found and contributed by Gwen Langford, web master at Gwen’s Leonard Cohen Journey.

  1. Source: Irish Times Facebook Page []

6 responses to “Irish Times Publishes First Details Of 2023 Leonard Cohen Tour

  1. Cracking up at your Supplement Allan…!

  2. Ah, that’s a blessing you’ve earned by actually reading all of one of my prolix posts.

  3. Mandy MacLeod

    Just a few little details to sort before we go – probably need yet another new passport in 2023.

  4. Have noted in my calendar. In ink.

  5. Are you all taking the piss? I hope not Leonard deserves better and we should be thankful for each year we are given..