View Tower Of Song Tribute to Leonard Cohen EPK Featuring Leonard Cohen, Kelley Lynch, Sting, Suzanne Vega, Billy Joel, Clint Black


6 Minutes Of Leonard Cohen Fun & Information

Indeed.  Thrill to the cognitive dissonance of Kelley Lynch in her role as Executive Producer of the Tower Of Song Leonard Cohen tribute album.


Tremble in amazement as the Canadian singer-songwriter explains why Billy Joel’s rendition of Light As The Breeze is better than his own

[Light As A Breeze is ] .. a song I never nailed … That’s a song I never got right. Billy Joel performed the definitive version.


Compare Cohen’s explanation of how Sisters Of Mercy was written and Sting’s suppositions about that song before and after performing it.


Before: I always figured [Sisters Of Mercy] was about some convent somewhere

After: It’s not really about nuns at all. I think it’s about a bordello

Listen to Elton John and Suzanne Vega talk about what moves them about  Leonard Cohen’s music.



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Leonard Cohen – EPK, “Tribute to Leonard Cohen”

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