Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day: The Future 1993

Leonard Cohen On The Jools Holland Show

This performance of “The Future” by Leonard Cohen with backup singers Julie Christensen and Perla Batalla took place May 12, 1993, when it was taped for an episode of the “Later With Jools Holland” BBC program, which was broadcast May 14, 1993.

An excerpt from An Interview with Jools Holland is informative:

Holland mentions that Cohen will be performing again later, and after a few more (excellent) numbers from the other artists, Holland reintroduces Cohen and the band: “So now with the title song from his latest album, The Future, please welcome Leonard Cohen.” Cohen begins the song by saying unaccompanied, “I’ve seen the future, brother; it is murder.” It’s a very understated, cool and funky version. In the song he replaces the line “Give me crack and anal sex” with “Give me crack and careless sex”,1 presumably at the behest of the BBC. When he sings the line “Love’s the only engine of survival,” Perla Batalla gives him a very slinky look.

Leonard Cohen – The Future – Jools Holland Show

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  1. For a consideration of the change of lyrics from “Give me crack and anal sex” to “Give me crack and careless sex,” see []

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  1. One of the best performances I’ve seen.