Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day: In My Secret Life – 2009 Beacon Theatre Concert, New York


Feb 19, 2009 – Beacon Theatre, NYC: Leonard Cohen & DrHGuy Appear Together For First Time

Yep, I attended my first Leonard Cohen concert four years ago today at the Beacon Theatre, the first time the Canadian singer-songwriter had appeared in the US in 15 years. Naturally, today’s Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day comes from that show. Of the many great performances that night, In My Secret Life stands out in my mind.

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life

Video by albertnoonan

The Leonard Cohen Beacon Theatre Show Stories

My concert experience included more than just the show.


3 responses to “Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day: In My Secret Life – 2009 Beacon Theatre Concert, New York

  1. I was at this show! One of the most exhilarating nights of my life.

  2. DrH,
    I didn’t have tickets for that concert but I was in NYC at that time. I actually set the alarm in my room to get to the Beacon so I could meet Leonard at the stage door on the side street. After waiting 1 hour and 45 minutes in the frigid cold, Leonard walked through the door. Being the first in line, I spotted him first and just yelled, ” Mr Cohen!” He came right over and shook my hand and signed a CD cover for me. It was the perfect photo-op but the camera literally froze up. He proceeded to use my Sharpie for the other dozen people there and then returned it to me. Sadly, when I got home, I mixed it up with my other Sharpies!!
    Had I known you back then, I would have sought you out too! Probably not for an autograph…but a pic sure would have been great!!