Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day: Feels So Good – 2009


Leonard Cohen – Rosemont Theater, 2009

The Other Blues Song – Feels So Good – Blues In C

Leonard Cohen first performed this song in concert at the October 29, 2009 Rosemont Theatre (Chicago) concert. I was lucky enough to hear it twice that day, once at the  concert itself and, a few hours earlier, at the soundcheck.

The soundcheck was already underway by the time we had been credentialed and had wended our way through the backstage labyrinth to the auditorium. Shortly after we had settled into our seats, Leonard Cohen1 brought the song they were playing to an end, saying

Let’s try the other blues song.

Following which, I heard – for the first time – the song beginning, “Feels so good, … .”

I heard it again, from better seats but in a less exclusive environment, during the concert that evening.2

Writing my first Rosemont Concert post, it occurred to me to refer to it as Cohen did during soundcheck, which is how the title for the first post to mention the piece became Leonard Cohen Premieres “The Other Blues Song” At October 29, 2009 Chicago Concert.3

Eventually, of course, the song came to be known as “Feels So Good” for lots of reasons. I came around when it began appearing on the stage setlists as “Feels So Good.”

Then, during the 2012 Tour, something odd happened. Those stage setlists referred to the song previously known as “Feels So Good” as “Blues In C.”


Stage Setlist: Dec 5, 2012 Leonard Cohen Toronto Concert

By any name, however, it’s a great song.

Leonard Cohen – Feels So Good
Rosemont Theatre – Chicago: Oct 29, 2009
Video by albertnoonan

Credit Due Department: The photo of the Torono setlist was taken by Mandy MacLeod. The setlist itself was procured by Gwen Langford.

  1. Or, as I then identified him mentally, “That is really Leonard Fuckin’ Cohen” []
  2. The depth of my respect for Leonard Cohen is evidenced by the fact that when I recognized the song during that night’s performance from the first bars played, I did not arise in my seat, turn to the audience, and announce “You have never heard this song before – but I have.” []
  3. For the reasons I thought this was a good idea and other background, see How Leonard Cohen’s “The Other Blues Song” Got That Name []

3 responses to “Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day: Feels So Good – 2009

  1. My setlist and I never noticed the different name LOL
    Regarding the actual song though, here are my comments from my review from the Toronto concert:
    “It was great hearing yet another tour premiere on this night which was Feels So Good. This song has never appeared on an album and was premiered on the previous tour in 2009. However the version we heard in Toronto was very much different to the performances on the previous tour so much so that it was almost a completely different song.”

  2. An upcoming Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day will feature the 2012 “Blues In C” version

  3. Great song indeed!