High Quality Leonard Cohen 2013 Paris Concert Video: The Partisan


Excellent rendition suffused with enthusiastic reception by the audience members who sing along.

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Leonard Cohen – The Partisan
Bercy: June 18, 2013
Visuals: Superior. Audio: Good-Excellent
Video by James Hunt

3 responses to “High Quality Leonard Cohen 2013 Paris Concert Video: The Partisan

  1. Philip Chung

    Magic. Despite seeing him many times can’t tire of savouring his show and the near holy communion (forgive us Jesus)

  2. I was there last night and it was fantastic. I just wanted to add the the 18 of June is the day Général De Gaulle made his famous speech about never giving up against Germany . So singing Le Partisan yesterday was even more significant to us than ever !!!

    • Was there too. Completely share the comment about de gaulle’s call. Was thinking of d’astier de la vigerie who wrote these lyrics during wwII
      I felt free and grateful

      PS song first sung by anna marly