Download MP3 Of Leonard Cohen Performing “Choices” – Mannheim 2013


Leonard Cohen first played “Choices” at the April 26, 2013 Winnipeg Concert as a tribute to country legend George Jones, who died the same day. The performance in Mannheim last night was the second performance and the first to surface as an audience-recorded video. For more about that performance, see First Video Of Leonard Cohen Performing “Choices” By George Jones – Mannheim 2013. For more about Leonard Cohen, George Jones, and Choices, see April 26, 2013 Leonard Cohen Winnipeg Concert: Photos, Review, Setlist, George Jones Tribute

MP3 Download

The mp3 of  the Mannheim performance can be downloaded at

Download Leonard Cohen – Choices

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: MP3 created by Hermitage Prisoner. Cover art based on a photo by Maarten Massa.

2 responses to “Download MP3 Of Leonard Cohen Performing “Choices” – Mannheim 2013

  1. Thanks Allan, and Hermitage, for the link. Those lyrics are simple but yet profound.

  2. Thanks for the link – I was there and had never heard this song before. For me one of the best songs that evening!