The Trials Of Leonard Cohen Now Online


The Trials Of Leonard Cohen By Jack Kapica
Montreal Gazette: Aug 25, 1973

The Trials Of Leonard Cohen by Jack Kapica, an enlightening piece about Leonard Cohen functioning both as a respected classic poet and a pop music star, has been hard to find – until now.

The article is accompanied by provocative art (see above),  “Leonard Cohen – Super Star” drawn by Aislin (alias Terry Mosher).

It also includes intriguing quotes such as

I went through an anti-intellectual stage. It was an interesting experience -it purifies the language. But I also lost my discipline, an my literary antecedents.

I realize now what folly it is to try to solve your financial woes by being a pop star.

There is also a substantial amount of analysis by the author. For example,

For years, Cohen has lived in, perhaps even created, the image of the misunderstood Romantic, striding like a Byron through the green pastures of Canadian literature. A “sissy poet,” as he once described himself to Pierre Berton.

Yep, there is all this and, as one has come to expect, much much more – certainly a worthwhile read.

The article is available in the Google Newspaper Archives; for convenience, I have also placed a copy online at The Trials Of Leonard Cohen.

2 responses to “The Trials Of Leonard Cohen Now Online

  1. Naomi Bushwoman

    Leonard Cohen and Pierre Berton!!!! Must find; that has to a delicious interaction.

  2. This article was so well written, as was Leonard’s quotes. Top-notch read!