“Leonard Cohen, over thirty, is a mind-opener for the young.” 1969 Vogue Article Online


Leonard Cohen In Vogue

Six months ago, I discovered that Leonard Cohen had twice been featured in Vogue’s monthly People Are Talking About feature, once in the Nov 1, 1967 issue and again in the August 1969 edition.

I was soon able to track down and post the 1967 item at “I am an insane machine” Leonard Cohen 1967.

Finding the 1969 article, however, proved more difficult. I came across two scans of the piece, one that chopped off the last few lines of text and one that was too small and too blurry for my presbyopic eyes to decipher. My ongoing searches were unsuccessful, and I sat by as the too-small-for-old-guys version appeared on other Cohencentric sites.

Finally, however, unremitting effort, righteousness, & a pure heart – or dumb luck – have triumphed.  An unnamed source (even though it scans a tad awkwardly, I’m gonna go with the alias, A Thousand Kisses Deep Throat) responded to one of my missives with the eminently readable scan of the pertinent text displayed below (click on image to enlarge).1 Those last few lines that are absent in the other version would alone justify the effort.

Now, if I can just track down the story on that Moroccan squirrel that once lived in the right pocket of Leonard’s leather jacket …

“People Are Talking About Leonard Cohen”
Vogue: August 1969


The Irving Penn Photo

The Irving Penn photo of Leonard Cohen atop this post accompanied the Vogue article and was part of a distinctive, short-lived phase of Penn’s work featuring a particular style. For more, see Photo: Leonard Cohen By Irving Penn With Style Commentary & Pacino Comparison

  1. This post was further delayed when I fell ill for 3-4 weeks. []

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