Extraordinary Photos From Jennifer Warnes: Leonard Cohen Soundcheck – Israel 1972


Jennifer Warnes Contributes Rare Images

These singular photos1 from Jennifer Warnes’ private stash were taken by Sherry Suris at either the April 19, 1972 Leonard Cohen Tel Aviv soundcheck or the April 20, 1972 Jerusalem soundcheck. (Click on images to enlarge.)


Musicians: 1972 Leonard Cohen 1972

  • Leonard Cohen: Guitar, Vocals
  • Ron Cornelius: Guitar
  • Bob Johnston: Keyboards
  • Peter Marshall: Bass
  • David O’Connor Guitar
  • Jennifer Warnes: Vocals
  • Donna Washburn: Vocals

Source: Is This What You Wanted? by Jim Devlin




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Credit Due Department: These photos are posted here exclusively through the generosity of Jennifer Warnes. Special thanks go to David Rubin, without whose assistance this posting would not have taken place.

  1. OK, in this case, “singular” means “I don’t recall seeing, these photos previously []

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