Video Sneak Peek: Leonard Cohen & George Johnston In Hydra 1960 – Cartoon Documentary


Australian Encounters Encounters Leonard Cohen & George Johnston

In the grand tradition of Saturday morning cartoons, Heck Of A Guy presents a sneak peek of George Johnston and Leonard Cohen 1960, Series 1: Episode 7 of Australian Encounters, which will be shown in its entirety at 6.55 pm Oct 8, 2013 on ABC1.

According to the Australian Encounters web site,

Presented with humour and verve, Australian Encounters celebrates ten historic encounters, each between a renowned Australian and an international mover and shaker.

In the backroom bar of the Katsikas brothers’ grocery store, amid tins of olive oil and sacks of flour, a young unknown Canadian poet met an Australian expatriate named George Johnston.

Video: Sneak Peek Leonard Cohen & George Johnston

More About Leonard Cohen & George Johnston

Photos of Leonard Cohen and the Johnstons on Hydra can be found at Enriched Information About 1960 Hydra Photos Of Leonard Cohen. A succinct account of the connection between Cohen & Johnston can be found at George Johnston & Leonard Cohen by Shane Maloney (The Monthly: November 2005, No. 7)

For more information about the Australian Encounters show, see the Australian Encounters web site and the Australian Encounters Facebook Page

Credit Due Department: Graphic atop this post is from the Australian Encounters Facebook Page. While not credited, the style of the drawing appears to be that of Chris Grosz.

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