“Who would want to end up with Cohen in a bathtub?” Ralph Gustafson On Leonard Cohen Film

Ralph Gustafson

Ralph Gustafson

From all appearances, the mutual admiration between Leonard Cohen and Ralph Gustafson1 expressed in the documents featured in yesterday’s post, Leonard Cohen Correspondence – Two Letters To & A Check From Ralph Gustafson 1956 & 1957 was genuine and long lasting. In every relationship, however, there comes a day …

And thanks to Ralph Gustafson’s rather exhaustive journal entries, one can, in this case, pinpoint at least one of those days: Jan 8, 1966. The first relevant portion of Gustafson’s entry that day concerns the 1965 film, Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen. (click on image of text to enlarge)

ralphg-filmThe second note of interest concerns Leonard Cohen’s championship of Bob Dylan at a party held at Frank Scott’s home that same night.


Cohen was hardly the only individual skewered in  Ralph Gustafson’s journal.   In a passage written the same day, for example, Irving Layton is called “the genial goon.” Others are plied with risky, sloshed, or rejected for overnight.  Sounds like a fun party.

Credit Due Department: The excerpts from Ralph Gustafson’s journal were found in Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen … Mr. Ralph Gustafson by Cynthia Cecil, published in Intricate Preparations: Writing Leonard Cohen, edited by Stephen Scobie.

  1. Ralph Gustafson, (16 August 1909 – 29 May 1995) was a n important and influential Canadian poet and professor at Bishop’s University. Wikipedia []

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  1. If one is of the female gender, why not just say who WOULDN’T want to end up with Cohen in a bathtub?