Goodbye, Friends – DrHGuy Is Taking A Break


8 responses to “Goodbye, Friends – DrHGuy Is Taking A Break

  1. I’ll miss you. You, the wizard of Oz, you, the direct to the point one. You the sharer, just you, Leonard

  2. I’m sorry, we’ll miss you. Hope everything is OK with you.

  3. Encore, encore, encore, Allan. We miss ya.

  4. Coco Éclair


  5. L Beth Field

    Tell me it isn’t so!!!
    But if it is, the last. 10% of my phone battery is relentlessly dedicated to telling you that “thank you” doesn’t approach my my gratitude, nor acknowledge your amazing contribution to my life – and by no choice of their own – so many people I know. Best depth information site on the web. Then-there’s the topic.

    May you be well, be free, be liberated . . . be back?

  6. Michele Prévost

    In need of your daily posts…. Our daily treat and delight …. Come back in great shape…. When possible. … We miss you

  7. Wow, I was on a 10 day vacation myself and couldn’t stop thinking about what I was missing. Hope you’re back real soon!

  8. Judy Lockwood

    You have been my daily treat for 5 years now. I love you and I will miss you. Hope you are well and happy. Be back soon.