Anjani And DrHGuy FAQ

For a brief shining moment,1 Anjani Thomas, she of the dulcet tones, exotically lovely visage, & long-term relationship with Leonard Cohen, and DrHGuy, he of the facile wordplay, Ozarks-bred charm, & infamously jejune sexual fantasies, brazenly carried on an outrageously outré and eroticized flirtation in the Heck Of A Guy blog. To obviate responding individually to the continued emails from viewers curious about the relationship,2 I’ve consolidated the pertinent blogobits. I wrote the posts; Anjani’s remarks are in the Comments sections.

Otherwise, there isn’t much to explain. I was wild for Anjani’s CD, Blue Alert, and wrote a heartfelt, adoring review – that also included allusions (also heartfelt and adoring as all get-out, if arguably tinged with a tad of smart-aleckedness) to my simultaneously bedding Anjani and two other female singers, the nature of the connection between “Lenny & Anji,” and the similarity between my serendipitous discovery of the Blue Alert album to the blind date that led to the catastrophe known as my first marriage.

Anjani graciously responded with an unsolicited comment that sweetly acknowledged my endorsement of Blue Alert without admonishing me for the less respectful portions of the post.

Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, I posted a rejoinder to her comment, much of which was an elaboration of the theme that, well, “upon reading my post, Anjani was instantly infatuated with me.”

I also claimed that [ahem] “She was also totally turned on by the notion of the foursome and wondered how I would feel about mixing and matching with Tina Turner and Joan Jett.”

She responded to that post as well, giving as good as she got.

The rest is, as they say, history.

Today, Anjani & I both realize just how amazingly lucky we are that things worked out the way they did.

Heck, any time I want I can play the copy of Blue Alert she sent me. And, she is welcome to drop in the blog any time (she doesn’t even have to call first).

I hear that she and Leonard are still an item. He’s pretty lucky too.

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  1. In non-metaphorical terms: August 5-17, 2006 []
  2. These queries typically take the form of Anjani? You? Huh? I don’t get it. Why you? or Who really wrote that? []