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vacation sign

DrHGuy and Duchess are departing for a West Coast tour. Consequently, posting on & will be infrequent or absent altogether until our return Aug 18, 2014.

Goodbye, Friends – DrHGuy Is Taking A Break

salute350 & Closed For The Weekend


We’ll Be Paying Our Rent In The Hilton Head Tower Of Song For A While – Duchess & DrHGuy


Because of our annual sojourn to Hilton Head, land of alligators, Chocolodka films, and gracious sea-side living, posting on and will be sparse or absent entirely for the next two weeks. Closed May 3-4, 2014

closed Goes On Quasi-Hiatus Status With Arrival Of Prodigal

samdance2 Wedding of Very Very Good Girl & SportsBizPro (2008)

Wedding of Very Very Good Girl & SportsBizPro (2008)

Because of the impending visit of DrHGuy’s elder son, Prodigal (aka Sam), the Duchess has prepared not only a fatted calf with all the fixins but also a schedule chock full of fun. Consequently, posting on and will be limited for the next week or two.

Julie, Sam, & Max

Julie, Sam, & Max