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The DrHGuy Announcement Is – There’s No Announcement


Ongoing readers may recall that last week, I promised & Changes To Be Announced Nov 3, 2014. As I was preparing that post yesterday, however, I received word that commitments that had been made to me could not be kept. I spent the remainder of the day attempting to renegotiate the arrangement, but this effort was unrequited.

Consequently, the anticipated proclamation will not take place. I apologize and assure you no one is more disappointed than I am.

DrHGuy & All (The Other) Saints’ Day

DrHGuy is taking today off to join in the festivities celebrating the double holiday of All Saints Day and his birthday.

Credit Due Department: The All Saints icon was found at ChurchYear

I’ve seen the future, baby. It is – well, you’ll find out next week: & Changes To Be Announced Nov 3, 2014

seal700 Site Maintenance Day


Posting is temporarily halted to allow routine maintenance and implementation of improvements on the Heck Of A Guy web site. The fixes. updates, and additions, while invisible to visitors, will make the site run faster and more reliably. We plan to return to business tomorrow.

DrHGuy Is Taking A Day (Or 2) Off


Things have been, as readers may have noticed, a tad hectic in Cohen World the past month, what with 80th birthday commemorations and a new album being released. (BTW, Leonard, don’t even think about pulling this same stunt on your 90th birthday.) Consequently, DrHGuy is going on R&R to recover his sardonic zing.

Credit Due Department: Photo by Henry Diltz. This shot is  from “Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows” by Harvey Kubernik (see review at Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows by Harvey Kubernik – A Delight For Cohen Fans).

DrHGuy On Family Leave


DrHGuy & the Duchess are overseeing the convalescence of their son, the Prodigal, whose gallbladder was excised yesterday afternoon at Duke University Hospital (see photo of his gallbladder in situ). Prodigal, aka Sam, appears to be thriving post-cholecystectomy, but the Duchess has implemented a care plan calling for PRN doses of extra attention, repeated applications of comfort foods, and a regime of video games interspersed with movies. Consequently, posting will be sparse or altogether absent for the next two or three days.