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DrHGuy On Family Leave


DrHGuy & the Duchess are overseeing the convalescence of their son, the Prodigal, whose gallbladder was excised yesterday afternoon at Duke University Hospital (see photo of his gallbladder in situ). Prodigal, aka Sam, appears to be thriving post-cholecystectomy, but the Duchess has implemented a care plan calling for PRN doses of extra attention, repeated applications of comfort foods, and a regime of video games interspersed with movies. Consequently, posting will be sparse or altogether absent for the next two or three days. & Are On Hiatus

vacation sign

DrHGuy and Duchess are departing for a West Coast tour. Consequently, posting on & will be infrequent or absent altogether until our return Aug 18, 2014.

Goodbye, Friends – DrHGuy Is Taking A Break

salute350 & Closed For The Weekend


We’ll Be Paying Our Rent In The Hilton Head Tower Of Song For A While – Duchess & DrHGuy


Because of our annual sojourn to Hilton Head, land of alligators, Chocolodka films, and gracious sea-side living, posting on and will be sparse or absent entirely for the next two weeks. Closed May 3-4, 2014