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samdance2 Wedding of Very Very Good Girl & SportsBizPro (2008)

Wedding of Very Very Good Girl & SportsBizPro (2008)

Because of the impending visit of DrHGuy’s elder son, Prodigal (aka Sam), the Duchess has prepared not only a fatted calf with all the fixins but also a schedule chock full of fun. Consequently, posting on and will be limited for the next week or two.

Julie, Sam, & Max

Julie, Sam, & Max

See You Later – DrHGuy Is Taking The Day Off


Message From Maui – Heck Of A Guy Celebrates 8th Anniversary


I love to hear an old guy lei out his situation
~Leonard Cohen

Note: This post commemorating the eighth anniversary of notwithstanding, the Heck Of A Guy blog and remain officially on hiatus until DrHGuy & The Duchess return from their Hawaiian sojourn later this week.

Source: The modestly hawaiianized Leonard Cohen quote in its original form was a comment he made about George Jones1

  1. Q&A: The New Leonard Cohen – by Mark Binelli. Rolling Stone. Posted Oct 19, 2001 []

Aloha, Marianne – On Hawaiian Hiatus


DrHGuy & The Duchess are implementing an alternative strategy to manage the inclement winter weather that has afflicted the region – running away. We will shortly depart for a sojourn on Maui. Consequently, posting at and will cease until early March.

To evoke a Leonard Cohen-Hawaiian vibe, I’m offering the Leonard Cohen Is Coming To Hawaii video, created in anticipation of the first ever Leonard Cohen performance in Hawaii on December 4, 2010. A few hours after this video was posted, the Hawaii concert was canceled. One hopes Duchess & I are are more successful on our journey. In any case, I have a paucity of Cohen-Hawaii posts from which to choose (and, yes, I want to get some use from this video).

Leonard Cohen Is WAS Coming To Hawaii

DrHGuy Will Be Offstage For A While


An Old-Fashioned Online Christmas Snowglobe


Once Upon A Time, Before Became The Ne Plus Ultra of Leonard Cohen Sites…

This site held other attractions, including special Christmas posts. Indeed, Heck Of A Guy has been around long enough to accumulate quite a few holiday posts worth sharing. Today’s offering features an old-fashioned holiday snowglobe that goes back seven full years (who remembers 2006? wasn’t it great?).

The Heck Of A Guy Snow Globe was first posted December 20, 2006, accompanied by this description:

… the Heck Of A Guy blog now offers, for your viewing pleasure and DrHGuy’s (much deserved) aggrandizement, the perpetually post-shaken1 snowstorm simulation we like to call One Heck Of A Snow Globe

  1. Warning: It is not only unnecessary but potentially counterproductive to lift, shake, and otherwise agitate ones computer to produce the Potemkin snowstorm, which, through the Christmas miracle of Flash animation, is self-sustaining. []