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Heck Of A Guy Honeymoon Hiatus and Honeymoon Edition Of You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If …

Here Today – Gone To Maui

DrHGuy and The Duchess are indeed departing for the sun-drenched shores of Kaanapali Beach to celebrate their nuptials.1 One consequence of this event is that both the Heck Of A Guy and DrHGuy sites will be dormant until our return in February.2 While The Duchess and DrHGuy are wild for Leonard Cohen, it is, as they say in  those post-calculus math courses, intuitively apparent that the marriage would be best served by DrHGuy attending to the business at hand (make your own joke) rather than pounding out posts.

That does not, however, mean that matters Cohen will be entirely forgotten in the next week or two. In fact, this occasion had led to another installment of  Cohenphilic Personality Disorder symptoms. That’s right, …

You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If …3

When packing for your your honeymoon in Maui, you find yourself thinking

  • Is it enough to take two iPods filled with every song Leonard Cohen has performed plus all the songs recorded by his backup singers as well as a significant fraction of the 2000+ covers of Cohen’s music – or do we also pack the Complete Columbia Album Collection CD set, just in case?
  • How likely is it that there is a hula danced to “Sisters Of Mercy?”
  • If Leonard had been raised in Lahaina instead of Montreal, would his imagery and tone have been different? Instead of “You see I’m just another snowman / Standing in the rain and sleet.,” would it have been “You see I’m just another surfer / Catching a few rays and waves?” Instead of “Avalanche,” would he have written a song called “Brief Period Of Showers This Morning With Sunshine Returning By Noon?” Instead of “The Guests,” would it have been “The Tourists?” Would there have been a song about his “Famous Blue Swim Trunks?”  Would those audiences in Dublin have sung along with “Aloha, Marianne?” How about “First We Take Koolaupoko?”
  • What sort of lei goes best with a black suit and fedora?

  • How would Anjani’s family feel about fans dropping in to say Thanks For The Dance?
  • Is there any bad karma left from the cancelled 2010 concert?

  • What are the chances that an Hawaiian slack key guitar band taking requests will know “Do I Have To Dance All Night?”
  • What size t-shirt does Leonard wear?

Credit Due Department: The Just Maui’d photo is from J.J. Preston’s Photo Gallery.


All previously posted You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If … entries can be found at
You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If …

  1. For DrHGuy, this is a case of third marriage, first honeymoon. []
  2. Yes, that means Heck Of A Guy will be closed when the Old Ideas album is released in the US. By the time the release dates were made public, the airline and hotel reservations had been made. Once again, we all suffer when NOBODY TELLS DRHGUY NOTHIN’. []
  3. All previously posted You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If … entries can be found at You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If … []

Christmas 2011


May all your seasons be joyous, resonant with the warmth of home and family, the cheer of friends, and the blessings of being loved.


The Heck Of A Guy Snow Globe – An Online Tradition Since 2006

The Heck Of A Guy Snow Globe was first posted December 20, 2006 at TV Yule Log: Hot Or Not? , whence this description was excerpted:

… the Heck Of A Guy blog now offers, for your viewing pleasure and DrHGuy’s (much deserved) aggrandizement, the perfect companion piece to the never-ending Yule Log simulation — the perpetually post-shaken1 snowstorm simulation we like to call

One Heck Of A Snow Globe

  1. Warning: It is not only unnecessary but potentially counterproductive to lift, shake, and otherwise agitate ones computer to produce the Potemkin snowstorm, which, through the Christmas miracle of Flash animation, is self-sustaining. []

Heck Of A Guy Holiday

hoagwreathDrHGuy is fulfilling holiday obligations, precluding a Heck Of A Guy post today.

Leonard Cohen On Parade – Thanksgiving 2011

DrHGuy & The Duchess will be spending Thanksgiving with family so  the Heck Of A Guy and DrHGuy sites will on holiday hiatus until November 29, 2011.

As a farewell, we offer this early look at two special Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons. (click on image to enlarge)

Oct 2, 2011: Heck Of A Guy Hosts Most Viewers Ever – The Leonard Cohen Facebook Bump

Where Has Lorca Cohen Been All My (Blog’s) Life?

Judging by her behavior following our wedding and the recent celebration of those nuptials, the Duchess believes in prompt thank-you notes. I suspect, in fact, she is secretly developing an app that will enable her to graciously accept a wedding gift and simultaneously launch a personalized note of gratitude that would instantly arrive in the gift-giver’s email and also immediately be sent as a handwritten epistle via the US Postal Service.

While equally appreciative of the loot, I am less efficacious in generating punctual acknowledgements.

Thus it is that I am publishing this thank-you to Lorca Cohen, webmaster of the Leonard Cohen Facebook page two weeks after the fact.1

On October 2, 2011 the Leonard Cohen Facebook page carried a link to Heck Of A Guy with this legend: A very funny site.

The result is displayed on the graph atop this post: 13,505 Unique Visitors and 25,757 Pageviews on October 2, 2011 (a Sunday).

DrHGuy, Heck Of A Guy’s sibling site, experienced an less pronounced but still impressive echo bump in its stats, as did the videos posted at Chelsea Hotel #1 By Leonard Cohen, Do I Have To Dance All Night, and We Love Leonard Cohen At 77.

So, thank you Lorca Cohen – and you too, Leonard.

  1. While the official social arbiters sanction thank-you notes that arrive 3-6 months post-event, two weeks in internet time constitutes an era. []