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Video: Leonard Cohen & The Lennettes Take Manhattan & This Waltz – Belgium 1988

Belgium Edition Of 1988 Leonard Cohen & Big-Haired Women Promotional Tour Online Again

While reviewing old posts to correct typos, replace dead links, and perform other chores that make blogging a glamor profession, I was able to resuscitate a couple of videos shot in Belgium that were originally posted two years ago. Although neither is profoundly moving or offers fundamental insights into the Cohen’s metaphysics, both are delightful and deserve re-posting.

Today’s encore presentation features the winners of the International Showdown – Title Match For Goofiest Leonard Cohen Music Video.

Titled “With Leonard and Mike at Sea,” this clip from With Mike On The Sea, a Belgium talk show hosted by Mike Verdrengh, was originally broadcast February 16, 1988.  Similar performances took place in other countries, including France and Germany.

Set in the standard pseudo-newscast backdrop, the now-familiar routine of lip-syncing, dance gyrations, and double-arm wrestling renders “First We Take Manhattan” the farcical spectacle we’ve come to expect.  This video also includes a performance of “Take This Waltz” by Cohen and the same two women, which lacks the over the top quality of their rendition of “First We Take Manhattan.”

Now Online: Leonard Cohen, Poet, Composer, Singer (1969) From The Sixties By Richard Avedon and Doon Arbus

Leonard Cohen On Sex, Smoking Grass, And How “Three People Make A Very Interesting Number”

Leonard Cohen, Poet, Composer, Singer
The Sixties (Random House; 1st edition: November 2, 1999)
By Richard Avedon and Doon Arbus
Leonard Cohen Interview: August 13, 1969

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No Leonard Cohen Tour In 2015

Friends, this new year will be full of happenings and surprises, but there will be no tour in 2015.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on Hydra or in Barcelona!

Posted Jan 4, 2014  by Jarkko Arjatsalo at LeonardCohenForum

Now Online In Original Format: No Mercy – Leonard Cohen’s Tales From The Dark Side (1993) By Anthony DeCurtis

No Mercy- Leonard Cohen’s Tales from the Dark Side
[Review of The Future + Leonard Cohen interview]
By Anthony DeCurtis
Photograph by Bruce Weber
Rolling Stone: January 21, 1993


While this classic 1973 review of The Future and Leonard Cohen interview is available online as text, there is something special about seeing the piece in its original format. Thanks to Dominique BOILE for providing these scans from his personal collection.




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Review Of Leonard Cohen’s The Future Now Online: The Crack Of Time By Max Bell (circa 1992-3)

The Crack Of Time
By Max Bell
Photo By Renaud Monfourny
[Review of The Future]
Periodical: Unknown1
Date of Publication: Unknown


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2015 New Year Greeting From Leonard Cohen Features Photo By Dominique Issermann


Leonard Cohen’s graphic New Year commemoration features the classic 1984 photo taken by Dominique Issermann1 with “2015” added as a scrawl in the dirt in front of the bench. (click on image to enlarge)


Credit Due Department: Contributed by Dominique BOILE

  1. This popular photo has been used in many formats. See Quiet And Devastating, Like Leonard Cohen In Cowboy Boots []