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Jennifer Warnes On Leonard Cohen, Her 7 Year Incarceration At Arista, & Connecting Americans To Their Bodies With Pop Music


Now Online: Jenny Takes A Ride
By Bud Scoppa
Music Connection, April 6-19, 1987

Note: This is a companion piece to Lenny Plays It Cool (1987) By Bud Scoppa and Now Online: Beck Tailors Jenny’s Raincoat (1987) By Jim Maloney & Sussman’s Cypress Spreads Its Roots (1987) By Lawrence Henry.


I confess, with some chagrin, prior to reading this article, which triggered further research, I had only a superficial knowledge of Jennifer Warnes’ career. I suspect this is a widespread phenomenon among those who, like me, are primarily fans of Leonard Cohen. I knew, of course,  about her studio work and touring with Cohen, her Famous Blue Raincoat album of Cohen covers, her stint on the Smothers Brothers TV show, her role as the female lead in the LA production of Hair, her duet with Joe  Cocker on “Up Where We Belong,” and her recording of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” with Bill Medley. Somehow, however, I had developed the notion that this had all been accomplished in a straightforward, linear manner that had been relatively smooth. Jenny Takes A Ride disabuses me of this naive illusion and reveals the passion and dedication of Jennifer Warnes. It also goes a long way toward explaining Leonard Cohen’s admiration for her.




Credit Due Department: The photo atop this post was contributed by Jennifer Warnes. The article itself was contributed by Dominique BOILE.

Now Online: New Young Poet (1961) by Paul Gottlieb – Review of Leonard Cohen’s Spice Box Of Earth

New Young Poet by Paul Gottlieb
The Montreal Gazette: June 3, 1961


Video: Watch So Long, Marianne From Leonard Cohen’s Live In Dublin


Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne

Video: Watch Trailer For “Leonard Cohen – Live in Dublin”


“Leonard Cohen – Live in Dublin” Trailer

Now Online: Lenny Plays It Cool (1987) By Bud Scoppa

Cohen’s music is an acquired taste,
like absinthe or Australian rules football.

Lenny Plays It Cool
By Bud Scoppa
Music Connection, April 6-19, 1987

Contributed by Dominique BOILE

Note: I believe “Irving Licht, the Canadian writer” on page 15 (the next to last page of the article posted here) actually refers to Irving Layton.





Coming Attractions

The April 6-19 issue of Music Connection featured stories about the main players associated with Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat album, including the article about Leonard Cohen posted today. In the next few days, articles about Jennifer Warnes, Roscoe Beck, and the record label will be posted as well.

Update: See companion pieces: Jenny Takes A Ride by Bud Scoppa (Music Connection, April 6-19, 1987) anf Now Online: Beck Tailors Jenny’s Raincoat (1987) By Jim Maloney & Sussman’s Cypress Spreads Its Roots (1987) By Lawrence Henry


Leonard Cohen’s 1987 Prequel To DrHGuy’s 2013 “50 Shades of Leonard Cohen” Video

This is one of those How about that? entries.

Today’s Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox post, which features “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” by Timbuk3, is based on a comment Leonard Cohen made about the song in a 1987 interview.   It turns out that this comment anticipates a video about Leonard Cohen I constructed more than 25 years later. The pertinent events, in sequence, follow:

1. In Jan 2013, I put together a video called “50 Shades of Leonard Cohen.”

2. Yesterday, Dominique BOILE sent me “Lenny Plays It Cool” by Bud Scoppa, a Leonard Cohen interview published in the April 6-19, 1987 edition of Music Connection. The article had been, pragmatically, unavailable to the public for many years, leading to my decision to post it.1

3. While processing the material for posting, I noticed a reference by Cohen to a song that was popular during the time the interview was published:


Now, if you’ve already seen “50 Shades of Leonard Cohen,” you can appreciate the coincidence and resonance between the Canadian singer-songwriter’s 1987 quote and the 2013 video. If you haven’t already watched the video, you can do so below. Prepared to be bemused.

Fifty Shades Of Leonard Cohen
Video by Allan Showalter

  1. The article will appear on this site soon. []