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Now Online: “No. I’ve Never Contemplated Suicide, Says Leonard Cohen” by Peter Wilmoth (1985)

Interviewer: What is [Leonard Cohen] like on a night on the town?
Leonard Cohen: “People say I’m a hoot to be with”

No. I’ve Never Contemplated Suicide, Says Leonard Cohen
by Peter Wilmoth. The Age: May 24, 1985

No. I’ve Never Contemplated Suicide, Says Leonard Cohen is not a profound article; it is, in fact, a puff piece written in anticipation of an Australian tour. It is not, however, without its charms. In addition to the “hoot be be with” quote, the piece debunks the Leonard Cohen is a dour misanthrope image, provides the 265th entry to the Leonard Cohen Nicknames list: “High Priest Of Suicide Rock,” notes Cohen’s influence of then contemporary artists such as Ian McCulloch and Cohen’s appreciation of You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath, and reveals that the Canadian singer-songwriter enjoys bowling and pool but excels in neither sport. It certainly warrants a read.

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Leonard Cohen Tour A Smash (1972) by Mike Jahn Now Online


Leonard Cohen Tour A Smash by Mike Jahn
The Palm Beach Post: May 14, 1972

This brief piece on Leonard Cohen’s 1972 Tour is notable for its several insightful quotes from Jennifer Warnes, who served as backup singer during that Tour.


Credit Due Department: The image atop this post is a screen captures from the Bird On A Wire Documentary

Now Online: Life On The Ledge With Leonard Cohen by Jon Marlowe (1977)

Do you have a thing for Joan of Arc? Leonard Cohen: “I used to – but I don’t see her that much anymore”

Life On The Ledge With Leonard Cohen
by Jon Marlowe. The Miami News: Nov 9, 1977

This is a wide-ranging interview that includes

  • How  Leonard Cohen’s fascination with Robert Altman’s “Brewster McCloud” led to his agreeing to allow his music to be used in “McCabe & Mrs Miller”
  • Cohen’s characterization of the Death Of A Ladies’ Man mix as “as catastrophe”
  • The author and Cohen remembering what Cohen calls “my first concert ever” (Hartford, Connecticut)
  • Cohen & Charlie Daniels searching for a critic who “knocked [Cohen] and the concert to pieces” to do him bodily harm
  • How Cohen’s voice is accepted in Europe but not in North America
  • Why Cohen shaved his head for the cover of his “Live” LP

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Previously Unpublished Photo & Ticket From 1974 Leonard Cohen Munich Concert



40 Years Ago: Peter, Frank, & The Sept 28, 1974 Leonard Cohen Circus Krone, Munich Show

DrHGuy Note: The unpublished photo and the ticket stub from the 1974 Munich concert is the official rationale for this post, but I admit to being more taken with the memories these artifacts represent for Peter Offermann and Frank Ulrich Hahn, who attended that show.

I recently received this message from Peter Offermann:

Frank, a friend of old schooldays, found this photo he took during a concert we had the opportunity to attend, and finally I found the ticket. I cannot name the date precisely, it must have been a few days after the master’s 40th anniversary, at “Circus Krone,” Munich. May the Lord bless and keep him.

Peter goes on:

Indeed I remember L.C. introducing the “Sisters of mercy” with words like: “Dedicated to the young ladies who helped me to get out of a snowstorm near Edmonton.”

We were 21, 22 years and just two kids with a lot of crazy dreams…Some of them came true.

Peter Offermann
Frank Ulrich Hahn


All 9 Songs From Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems Album Now On YouTube


LeonardCohenVEVO has uploaded each of the tracks from the Popular Problems to its own YouTube video (audio only except Almost Like the Blues is a lyric video):

1. Slow

2. Almost Like the Blues

3. Samson in New Orleans

4. A Street

5. Did I Ever Love You

6. My Oh My

7. Nevermind

8. Born in Chains

9. You Got Me Singing

Songs For The Next Leonard Cohen Album: I’ve Got a Little Secret


Leonard Cohen’s Next Album

As I pointed out in Songs For The Next Leonard Cohen Album: Feels So Good and again in Songs For The Next Leonard Cohen Album (Unpopular Solutions): Do I Have To Dance All Night, Leonard Cohen has told interviewers and Popular Problems preview audiences that he is already at work on his next album. This account from The Guardian is representative:

Some of the songs on the new record [Popular Problems] came together at “shockingly alarming speed”, Cohen said, and the duo have already finished “half of another” LP.

Heck, he’s even announced, as reported by Q Magazine,

The next record is going to be called Unpopular Solutions

So, I’m getting my recommendations in before Mr Cohen polishes off the final four or five tracks on that next album.

Is “Feels So Good” The Predecessor Of “I’ve Got a Little Secret?”

“Feels So Good” was first performed in concert in Chicago (Rosemont) on October 29, 2009 and was played in several shows with varying lyrics. A full discussion of these early versions can be found at Three New Songs From The Leonard Cohen World Tour – “Feels So Good” AKA “The Other Blues Song”

A significantly different iteration of “Feels So Good,” which shares some of the lyrics and musical structure of the 2013 Dublin version,  was performed at the 2012 Leonard Cohen Toronto show. Note: This link to the Toronto version was first pointed out by Gwen Langford, web master of Gwen’s Leonard Cohen Journey

Leonard Cohen – Feels So Good
Toronto: Dec 4, 2012
Video: MadLennyFan

The 2013 Dublin Debut: “I’ve Got A Little Secret”

So, it’s unclear if “Feels So Good” is a song distinct from “I’ve Got A Little Secret” or if the former morphed into the latter. But, just in case, I’m suggesting both for the new album.

Leonard Cohen – I’ve Got a Little Secret
Dublin: Sept 12, 2013
Video: albertnoonan