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Followup To “Leonard Cohen’s Ex-Manager, Kelley Lynch, Moved To Twin Towers Correctional Facility In Los Angeles”


Stephen R. Gianelli, the attorney who has been monitoring the Kelley Lynch harassment case (see Jury Finds Kelley Lynch Guilty Of Harassing Leonard Cohen) offers more information about the facility where Lynch is now housed in the form of an NPR article: What Is The Role Of Jails In Treating The Mentally Ill? by NPR Staff. Photo by Damian Dovarganes. September 15, 2013

I’ve included excerpts below but the article is best read in its entirety:

The county’s Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles is a hulking, massive concrete structure. It is also part of the largest municipal jail system in the United States.

…”Here within Twin Towers, we house approximately 3,900 inmates. A majority of those inmates are deemed mentally ill,” says Lt. Joseph Badali, a supervisor with the Sheriff’s Department.

The United States incarcerates hundreds of thousands of inmates suffering from mental illness, and jails and prisons are struggling to provide for inmates with severe mental health needs.

…L.A. County is not unique. In fact, it is far from it. Experts say good numbers are hard to come by, but one estimate calculates there are about 2.1 million annual bookings of persons with serious mental illnesses into jails. That number swells when you count state and federal prisons.

At one time, huge state hospitals housed the mentally ill. When they closed in the 1970s, community-based care was supposed to step in. Instead, with fewer options, the mentally ill were released to the streets, where they often got into trouble. Jails have to take mentally ill offenders in, but they can’t force medication.

…”In many ways, we are a hospital,” says Hough, the psychiatrist. “What brought them into the system was an alleged crime, and we certainly at the Department of Mental Health are not here to judge that. But while they are here and they suffer from a mental illness, we will provide care.”

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New Video: Anjani Thomas Sings 2 Songs Co-written With Leonard Cohen – St. John’s 2013


Song To Make Me Still & Standing On The Stairs

For more information, including lyrics and origins of these songs, as well as videos of these same songs performed on  Dec 30, 2013, see Anjani Thomas Performs Two Unreleased Songs Co-written With Leonard Cohen At 2013 Feast Of Cohen

Anjani Thomas – Song To Make Me Still & Standing On The Stairs
Feast Of Cohen, St. John’s, Newfoundland: Dec 29, 2013
Video by AnjaniMusic

On This Date 26 Years Ago – Leonard Cohen Releases I’m Your Man Album

album cover

Leonard  Cohen Has Been Officially Aching In The Places He Used To Play Since February 2, 1988

Update: As some folks have pointed out, this is actually the 26th, not the 25th anniversary of the release of I’m Your Man.  But who gets excited about a 26th anniversary?  Like Leonard Cohen, “I don’t want to let the facts get in the way of the truth.”1 Besides, being only a year off is pretty good for me. Still, I am giving in to the fact-mongers lest some naif be misled.

In case anyone has forgotten why this is a cause for celebration, check out the album’s tracklist:

1 First We Take Manhattan 5:52
2 Ain’t No Cure for Love 4:51
3 Everybody Knows 5:33
4 I’m Your Man 4:25
5 Take This Waltz 5:58
6 Jazz Police 3:54
7 I Can’t Forget 4:32
8 Tower of Song 5:37

And, to start the festivities, I recommend reading “Ain’t No Cure For Love: Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man 25 Years On” by David Bennun. An excerpt follows:

I’m Your Man unveiled him: the roué whose suit and songs were the only sober thing about him replaced by the wry, pinstriped boulevardier – at that instant, less Montparnasse than Sunset. There he stood, double-breasted and sunglassed; bearing a half-unpeeled banana the way a similar-looking figure might (as Cohen biographer Sylvie Simmons observed) have wielded a microphone or a gun. At last, he was tipping the wink. He’d been droll all along, in a mordant way, but now he was a conjuror revealing the hidden gimmick: one need not be comical to be humorous. It is possible – essential, sometimes – to be deeply and deliberately serious in order to be deeply and deliberately funny.

This is a delightful, insightful consideration of one of Cohen’s most important and most popular albums, I’m Your Man. Bennun is especially perceptive in recognizing the key role this album played in Cohen developing into the artist we see on tour today and especially  articulate in limning that turning point.

I don’t agree with all of Bennun’s points, but his lucid and entertaining presentation renders the reading – even reading the portions I dispute – a pleasure.

The full article can be accessed at Ain’t No Cure For Love: Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man 25 Years On

OK, a reading assignment may not meet universal criteria for “festive;” so, feast your eyes and ears on this, my choice of the sexiest performance of the album’s title song, I’m Your Man:  Radio City Music Hall, May 17, 2009.

As I phrased it in the April 10, 2010 Heck Of A Guy post,

The Luminously Libidinous Leonard Cohen Will “examine every, every precious inch of you”

Words cannot convey – at least not words I can safely use in a post my mother might someday read – the raunchy eroticism that radiates from Cohen’s lyrics, voice, intonation, footwork, facial expressions, and posture…listening to (and watching) Cohen sing the sequence beginning at 1:05 reveals an extraordinarily seductive invitation to conjoined carnality.

I do go on in that mode and it’s a fun read at The Sexiest “I’m Your Man” Ever? Leonard Cohen At Radio City Music Hall, May 17, 2009.

But it’s not as much fun as viewing the video.

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
Radio City Music Hall, New York: May 17, 2009
Video by sasaradovanovic82

More I’m Your Man Album 26th Anniversary Festivities To Follow

  1. See Leonard Cohen Tells Sexologist About His Dog, His Mother, His Impermanence, Seduction, Men As Cocker Spaniels, and Rules Between Men & Women []

Leonard Cohen’s Ex-Manager, Kelley Lynch, Moved To Twin Towers Correctional Facility In Los Angeles


In followup to the earlier posted Leonard Cohen’s Ex-Manager, Kelley Lynch, Violates Probation, Sentenced To 6 Months In Jail, Stephen R, Gianelli, the  attorney who has monitored the Kelley Lynch harassment case (see Jury Finds Kelley Lynch Guilty Of Harassing Leonard Cohen) writes:

Kelley Lynch has been moved to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, which the Sherriff’s website describes as follows:

“The towers, which have been constructed using an efficient Panoptic design, to house maximum security inmates and a large portion of the county’s mental health inmates. The Medical Services Building provides inpatient housing for inmates with various levels of acute medical and mental health needs.”

Bold & italics added by Mr Gianelli.

Credit Due Department: Photo of Twin Towers Correctional Facility from Wikipedia

Melancholy Baby by John Walsh: 1993 Leonard Cohen Interview Now Online In Original Format


Melancholy Baby by John Walsh
Photos by Tony Olmos
The Independent Magazine: May 8, 1993. Pp 38-40

Ian Smith generously proffered the scan of this outstanding article along with this explanation:

I recently got a new record deck and found the attached article tucked into my copy of Various Positions.

Ian’s fortuitous find is now our shared treasure.  I’ve posted this because of the Anthony Olmos photos and because I have an appreciation of layout design.1

A Content Sampler

Some of my favorite Leonard Cohen quotes from this piece follow:

If I’d just nailed the lyrics of The Future to a church door in Wittenberg, it would be a heavy and foreboding and sinister document – but it’s married to a hot little dance track. So the music dissolves in the lyric and the lyric dissolves in the music, and you’re left with a kind of refreshment, a kind of oxygen.

Scandinavia’s always been hospitable to me, It’s the gloominess that is savored in these cultures. Or perhaps it’s just all that herring my mother fed me.

I was always trying to find a cafe that was mine, a language and style that was mine, always looking for a homeland and a position – until it became clear to me that I had no position and that nobody else did either.

What Yeats said about ‘a foolish passion in an old man,’ that’s not a bad calling. To stay alive in the heart and the spine and the genitals, to be sensitive to these delicious movements, is not a bad way to go.2

I’ve posted only the first page and the striking Anthony Olmos photo from the article here. The full article – and a link to a site with a text only version – can be found at

Melancholy Baby by John Walsh – 1993


  1. Because I also have an appreciation of text that can be copies, pasted, and searched, I offer a link to the same content sans formatting and photos.  See Melancholy Baby by John Walsh – 1993 []
  2. I suspect Leonard Cohen’s reference is to the final line of A Prayer For Old Age by William Butler Yeats.

    God guard me from those thoughts men think
    In the mind alone;
    He that sings a lasting song
    Thinks in a marrow-bone;

    From all that makes a wise old man
    That can be praised of all;
    O what am I that I should not seem
    For the song’s sake a fool?

    I pray—for word is out
    And prayer comes round again—
    That I may seem, though I die old,
    A foolish, passionate man.

Leonard Cohen’s Ex-Manager, Kelley Lynch, Violates Probation, Sentenced To 6 Months In Jail

The following is from an email sent by Stephen R, Gianelli, an attorney who has been monitoring the Kelley Lynch harassment case (see Jury Finds Kelley Lynch Guilty Of Harassing Leonard Cohen):

Dear Guy:

Cohen harasser Kelley Lynch had her probation – imposed for criminal harassment of the singer – revoked by the Los Angeles Superior Court for continuing her harassment campaign by (among other things) sending her trial prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter emails stating that Ms. Streeter was on Lynch’s “kill list”.

Lynch was placed on probation on April 17, 2012 following her conviction of criminally harassing Leonard Cohen and also violating a 2008 Colorado restraining order later registered in California. As a condition of her original probation she was sentenced to 18-months in the Los Angeles County Jail but released early on September 6, 2012 due to jail overcrowding. Lynch’s email harassment campaign resumed the day of her release.

Los Angeles authorities were unable to take action against Lynch until she moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to the West Hollywood home of former Phil Spector personal assistant Paulette Brandt who was Lynch’s housemate at the time of her re-incarceration.

The revocation occurred on January 22, 2014 after a hearing in Department 40 at the conclusion of which Lynch was handcuffed in open court and immediately transported to the Lynwood Jail Facility to serve a 6-month jail sentence.

Lynch will remain on probation for another three and a half years and should she reoffend she may be remanded to jail again for up to two years.