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More Leonard Cohen At DrHGuy

Those of you who enjoy Heck Of A Guy posts but don’t visit our sibling site, DrHGuy, may be missing out on more than you know.

Since October 1, 2012, 601 posts have been published at DrHGuy. During that same period, 170 posts appeared at Heck Of A Guy.

While some content is shared on both sites, DrHGuy posts tend to be less prolix and more visual. Even when photos of a concert, for example, are displayed on both sites, the shots are more plentiful and in larger format on DrHGuy. And the material there ranges from analyses of performances, music, and poetry to the truly quirky, including such categories as Leonard Cohen On Tattoos,
Cohen-Bieber Compared, and Leonard Cohen Barefoot.

The following sampling is a fraction of entries posted in the past week exclusively at DrHGuy.

Now, can you really afford to miss this kind of stuff?  DrHGuy is open 24 hours a day for your entertainment, education, and edification.

Heck Of A Guy Honeymoon Hiatus and Honeymoon Edition Of You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If …

Here Today – Gone To Maui

DrHGuy and The Duchess are indeed departing for the sun-drenched shores of Kaanapali Beach to celebrate their nuptials.1 One consequence of this event is that both the Heck Of A Guy and DrHGuy sites will be dormant until our return in February.2 While The Duchess and DrHGuy are wild for Leonard Cohen, it is, as they say in  those post-calculus math courses, intuitively apparent that the marriage would be best served by DrHGuy attending to the business at hand (make your own joke) rather than pounding out posts.

That does not, however, mean that matters Cohen will be entirely forgotten in the next week or two. In fact, this occasion had led to another installment of  Cohenphilic Personality Disorder symptoms. That’s right, …

You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If …3

When packing for your your honeymoon in Maui, you find yourself thinking

  • Is it enough to take two iPods filled with every song Leonard Cohen has performed plus all the songs recorded by his backup singers as well as a significant fraction of the 2000+ covers of Cohen’s music – or do we also pack the Complete Columbia Album Collection CD set, just in case?
  • How likely is it that there is a hula danced to “Sisters Of Mercy?”
  • If Leonard had been raised in Lahaina instead of Montreal, would his imagery and tone have been different? Instead of “You see I’m just another snowman / Standing in the rain and sleet.,” would it have been “You see I’m just another surfer / Catching a few rays and waves?” Instead of “Avalanche,” would he have written a song called “Brief Period Of Showers This Morning With Sunshine Returning By Noon?” Instead of “The Guests,” would it have been “The Tourists?” Would there have been a song about his “Famous Blue Swim Trunks?”  Would those audiences in Dublin have sung along with “Aloha, Marianne?” How about “First We Take Koolaupoko?”
  • What sort of lei goes best with a black suit and fedora?

  • How would Anjani’s family feel about fans dropping in to say Thanks For The Dance?
  • Is there any bad karma left from the cancelled 2010 concert?

  • What are the chances that an Hawaiian slack key guitar band taking requests will know “Do I Have To Dance All Night?”
  • What size t-shirt does Leonard wear?

Credit Due Department: The Just Maui’d photo is from J.J. Preston’s Photo Gallery.


All previously posted You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If … entries can be found at
You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If …

  1. For DrHGuy, this is a case of third marriage, first honeymoon. []
  2. Yes, that means Heck Of A Guy will be closed when the Old Ideas album is released in the US. By the time the release dates were made public, the airline and hotel reservations had been made. Once again, we all suffer when NOBODY TELLS DRHGUY NOTHIN’. []
  3. All previously posted You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If … entries can be found at You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If … []

DrHGuy Update – Leonard Cohen Quotes And Photos

Leonard Cohen and Marianne strike a pose (1966)


For those unfamiliar with DrHGuy (the complete title is DrHGuy on life, love, lust, & Leonard Cohen)  its blurb may be helpful:

DrHGuy is the quick-witted, energetic, happy go lucky younger sibling of the jocose but prolix, sometimes abstruse Heck of a Guy blog

DrHGuy posts are indeed quickies, sometimes  consisting of no more than  a quote or a captioned photo. As is true of Heck Of A Guy, most but not all DrHGuy posts these days have something to do with Leonard Cohen.

Of course, nothing is as helpful in garnering a sense of such a site as a few examples. The photo atop this post, by the way, is from the August 9, 2010 DrHGuy entry. Its caption follows:

This – well, let’s call it “unique” – photo of Leonard Cohen and Marianne was taken by John Max and published in the Oct 1, 1966 Maclean’s.  Found at the stellar Speaking Cohen site.

Leonard Cohen Quotes

Because Leonard Cohen quotes tend to be – well, quotable, cleverly encapsulating universal truths and such, many of his aphorisms are overused. DrHGuy preferentially selects Cohen phrases that are less well known. Recent examples follow:

September 6, 2010

Q: Have you ever had a gay relationship?

A: “No.”

Q: Do you regret that?

A: “No, because I have had intimate relationships with men all my life and I still do have. I’ve seen men as beautiful, I’ve felt sexual stirrings towards men so I don’t think I’ve missed out. Maybe I have, maybe it’s time to look into it. Maybe not, maybe I’ve left it too late. Maybe I’ll not be able to get anybody.”1

September 5, 2010

Q: What ambitions do you still have to fulfill?

A: I would like to liberate all beings from their suffering. And I would like to sever every poisonous desire at its root.

Leonard Cohen Photos

The August 29, 2010 entry was this nifty summer camp snapshot2 from 1957 of (right to left) Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen, Camp Counselor – scary thought, eh?), Anne Sherman, Aviva Cantor, and Irving Layton.

While I will occasionally use DrHGuy to pimp for alert its viewers to a Heck Of A Guy post, most of the material on DrHGuy does not appear at Heck Of A Guy. The photo and caption below from the August 22, 2010 entry, for example, was – until now – only available at DrHGuy:

Dominique Issermann and Leonard Cohen from Then We Take Trouville
– The Making Of The Leonard Cohen First We Take Manhattan Video.

Winner – Honorable Mention at the 1988 Festival Of
Postcards Discouraging Beach Vacations

The Leonard Cohen Photo Themes At DrHGuy

DrHGuy features three ongoing series of themed photos:

Shades Of Leonard Cohen

In this case, In this case, it’s the Shades of Leonard Cohen’s musicians, the way past cool Roscoe Beck (Musical Director and Bass) and Rafael Bernardo Gayol (Drums and Percussion), shown here at the Wiesbaden concert in a photo by N Kloeppel.

The shades

A gallery comprising all previously published Shades of Leonard Cohen,  can be viewed at Collected Shades Of Leonard Cohen.

The (Previously*) Smokey Life of Leonard Cohen

* See Leonard Cohen – From Marlboro Man To Anti-smoking Troubadour

Leonard Cohen blowing smoke

DrHGuy’s Smoking Pictures Of Leonard Cohen are located at LC Smoking,

Signs Of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen On Marquee Of Olympia Music Hall, Paris

Other Signs Of Leonard Cohen:

  1. “Hello! I Must Be Cohen” By Gavin Martin (New Musical Express, January 9, 1993 []
  2. I found this – and many other gems – in the archives of the stellar Speaking Cohen site. []

Shades Of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Photos On DrHGuy

I often post photos on  DrHGuy1 that require little or no explanation. For reasons admittedly obscure to me now, I began publishing a series of shots,  identified by the title, “Shades Of Leonard Cohen,”2 which have become unaccountably popular.

Most of the specimens in this collection are photos of – well, photos of Leonard Cohen wearing sunglasses (I claimed these photos were popular, not profound)  but also included are photos of  backup singers Perla Batalla, Julie Christensen, Charley Webb, Hattie Webb, and Sharon Robinson behind those synecdochical Foster Grants.  And, in the offing are other variations.  Consequently, the official defining subtitle of “Shades Of Leonard Cohen” is the accurate albeit less than euphonious “Sunglasses Worn By Or Associated With Leonard Cohen.”

And, as implied by “in the offing,” I have in hand a small number of yet to be published photos from this category I will be posting in the near future.3

A New Leonard Cohen Exhibit

With the goals of organization and, more significantly, viewer convenience in mind, a new page has been added to the Heck Of A Guy Cohen compendium. A complete gallery of the posted photos featuring Cohen-affiliated smoky spectacles can be viewed at  Collected Shades Of Leonard Cohen

  1. DrHGuy is the quick-witted, energetic, happy go lucky younger sibling-site of the jocose but prolix, sometimes abstruse Heck of a Guy blog. []
  2. Yes, I suppose one reason is that the grownups like Marie at Speaking Cohen and Jarkko at LeonardCohenFiles, snarfed up all the big stuff like the list of covers of Cohen’s songs and a concordance to his songs and books. That’s why Heck Of A Guy readers are stuck with material like a list of  Leonard Cohen Nicknames, a page of Leonard Cohen Lookalikes, a Leonard Cohen Crossword Puzzle, … . Happily, some folks like opera, some folks like “Build Me Up, Buttercup,” and some folks like Weird Al Yankovic. []
  3. As always, I can use all the help I can get. Viewers aware of photos displaying sunglasses worn, owned, or spoken of by or otherwise associated with Leonard Cohen are urged to let me know of these by email or comment. []

The Most Popular Leonard Cohen Posts At DrHGuy

Leonard Cohen At DrHGuy

As ongoing viewers know, DrHGuy is the quick-witted, energetic, happy go lucky younger sibling of the jocose but prolix, sometimes abstruse Heck of a Guy blog before you now.

DrHGuy  posts typically comprise no more than an image and caption, a quotation, or a brief bit of prose. Many of these 893 entries (as of this morning) are photos of, quotations by, or prose about Leonard Cohen. Of those DrHGuy Leonard Cohen posts, two have proven most popular by a wide margin.

Is “most popular by a wide margin” significant?  Well, consider this: that great photo of  Leonard Cohen on Route 66 (New Mexico 1987)1 atop this post?  That’s the  third most popular Leonard Cohen post at DrHGuy.

The Most Popular Leonard Cohen Photo: Leonard Cohen on train from Marseilles to Nice (1981)

Leonard Cohen on train from Marseilles to Nice (1981)

This photo2 can be found at Leonard Cohen On Train.

The Most Popular Leonard Cohen Quotation: Leonard Cohen’s Five Word Self-description

Q: Pick five words that describe yourself.

A: Oh, The Seven Deadly Sins.

This quote from “Q Questionnaire – Leonard Cohen” (September 1994 Q Magazine) can be found at Leonard Cohen’s Response To “Pick five words that describe yourself”

Other Fine & Dandy Leonard Cohen Posts At DrHGuy

In addition to the shot shown above of a young Leonard Cohen demonstrating his smoke ring blowing skills, one can also check out a photo of the killer lineup of  Elvis Costello, Roscoe Beck, T-Bone Burnett, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, & Richard Thompson appearing together at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica in the mid-1980s (from Roscoe Beck – Scrapbook).

Or consider this tres cool photo of Sharon Robinson from Standdart magazine.

There are also entries featuring advice from Leonard Cohen on bondage fantasies, the student passport of the 5’8″, hazel-eyed Leonard Cohen, and the advice the Leonard Cohen who created “Ten New Songs” would give to the Leonard Cohen who created “Song of Leonard Cohen,” (besides “Move To L.A”).

Putting Leonard Cohen In Context At DrHGuy

Leonard Cohen material is indeed very popular at DrHGuy. To put this phenomenon in context, however, the most frequently viewed  DrHGuy post in any category is …

Exposing The Nads By Design, spotlighting  Scrotie (pictured here), the mascot for the Rhode Island School of Design hockey team.3

The DrHGuy  post with the second highest number of hits is this graphic of a fully tricked-out walker4 fashioned by Chris of Galway, Ireland in celebration of his brother’s 40th birthday.

There is, no doubt, a profound message embedded in the relative popularity of these posts. If anyone figures it out, please let me know.

  1. From Les Inrockuptibles Issue # 709 []
  2. From Les Inrockuptibles Issue # 709 []
  3. Scrotie was first featured as part of A Mascot Madness Update, a Heck Of A Guy post. []
  4. The inspiration for Chris’s creation was the Heck of a Guy post, Pimp My Assistive Device. []

Leonard Cohen’s "Lullaby" Downloads, DrHGuy, And More

This entry focuses on Heck Of A Guy items that may have been overlooked because, for example, sections were added to posts some time after those posts were published, the items are associated with Heck Of A Guy but reside on another web site, or posts were lost in the crowd of as multiple entries were published on and around Leonard Cohen concert dates.


MP3 Downloads Of Leonard Cohen’s “Lullaby” Added

In response to reader requests, I’ve converted the videos featured in yesterday’s post, Three New Songs From The Leonard Cohen World Tour – “Lullaby”, to MP3s that can be downloaded.

To pick up these songs, go to the last heading, cleverly called Download “Lullaby” MP3s, at Three New Songs From The Leonard Cohen World Tour – “Lullaby”. Links and instructions for downloading are found in that section.

Pix, Quotes, And More At DrHGuy

DrHGuy, the Heck Of A Guy affiliated mini-blog, features very brief daily posts, typically consisting of no more than a photo or a  few words. Most but not all of these entries have to do with Leonard Cohen, and, while some items are derivatives of Heck Of A Guy posts, there are many photos and quotations at DrHGuy that have never appeared here.

Yesterday, for example, DrHGuy carried this section about Leonard Cohen World Tour Earns $65 million In Ticket Sales

Over $65 million in concert ticket sales have been reported for Canadian singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen since his world tour kicked off in the spring of 2008, playing both arenas and theaters. Tour promoter Concerts West/AEG Live has reported box office totals from thirteen recent shows in the U.S. including a sold out concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden which grossed more than $1.4 million, placing Cohen at No. 2 on our tally.1

lc-mtchRecent DrHGuy posts have included



Overlooked Collages That Should Be Looked Over

Published just before the especially popular First DSM V Leonard Cohen Fan Diagnosis Unveiled – 301.LC Cohenphilic Personality Disorder, the Leonard Cohen World Tour Collages escaped notice. It’s a matter of taste, of course, but I immodestly contend that these two collages, one comprising scenes from the Leonard Cohen World Tour and the other featuring only shots from the final US concert in San Jose are nifty enough to warrant a quick viewing and, if you’re way into Leonard Cohen, downloading for use as desktop wallpaper.


Icing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah Hits The Ice, featuring a video showing off an unexpected (at least by me) use of “Hallelujah” by Shae-Lynn Bourne and Claude Lemieux, strikes me as fascinating. I think you might find it worth a viewing as well. The screenshot above is only the “broken Hallelujah” move; watch for the “major lift.”

Coming Attractions

The following are on my Planned Posts list:

  • Three New Songs From The Leonard Cohen World Tour – “The Darkness” and Three New Songs From The Leonard Cohen World Tour – “Feels So Good,” which are, of course, the remaining posts in the series that began with Three New Songs From The Leonard Cohen World Tour – “Lullaby”
  • An exploration of the development of Allison Crowe’s new album, Spiral.
  • Speculations on the likely content and release of the long-talked about next Leonard Cohen album
  1. From Hot Tours: AC/DC, Leonard Cohen, Nickelback | Billboard.com []