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DrHGuy Is Going Away For A While

DrHGuy is leaving town and blog for a bit.  This will be the final post at Heck Of A Guy until his return at a date to be announced.

DrHGuy Installs New Machinery – Delays Expected

Heck Of A Guy Posts Delayed During Computer Replacement

While love may be the only engine of survival, blogging also requires a working computer. While I set up the latest in a long line of computers that began with the Kaypro II1 in the early 1980s, the frequency of posting will range from zilch to sparse.

Photos, reports, recordings, posters, and the other artifacts received from readers and correspondents will be published but may well be delayed.

I do have some extra help just now, but only until soundcheck.

Credit Due Department: The glorious “Frankenstein Steampunk” computer was built by Dana Mattocks; many more photos of this 8 feet tall, 400 pounds machine can be viewed at his Flickr set.  The photo of the Kaypro II and its specs were found at the aptly named Old Computers site. The shot of the mechanic is something I put together for a Jan 2009 post, Leonard Cohen’s Day Job – It’s The Funny Leonard Cohen Parody.

  1. Kaypro II specs:

    Released: 1982
    Price: US $1595.
    Weight: 26 lbs
    CPU: Zilog Z80, 2.5 MHz
    RAM: 64K
    Display: 9″ green phosphor screen.
    24 X 80 text only
    Ports: Serial port
    Parallel port
    Storage: Two internal 5-1/4″
    SS-DD 195K drives


Standdart – The Leonard Cohen Edition

Standdart & Leonard Cohen

A composite image (click on graphics to enlarge) created from a photo of Leonard Cohen at the beginning of his singing-songwriting career and one from the recent past graces the cover of the Spanish art and culture magazine, Standdart #6, an issue dedicated to the Canadian singer-songwriter.

Following that striking front cover are 136 pages of articles and photos completed with the collaboration of Alberto Manzano, Montxo Armendáriz, Luis Sepúlveda, Montero Glez, Adrian Vogel, and others.

Standdart, Hugo Izarra, & Allan Showalter

The final page of this issue is a bibliography. I admit to being irredeemably  proud – and incredibly humbled – that this web site is included1 in a list replete with works by Leonard Cohen and erudite books and articles about him written by deservedly well known authors.

Sadly, my first contact with Hugo Izarra, the brilliant editor of Standdart, was an email exchange commiserating on the termination of the journal, another victim of the new economics of publishing and culture. While his perspective on this event was, as one might expect, philosophical, wise, and worthy of emulation, I fear my attention was diverted by his revelation that he followed my posts and found them helpful.  But, I was completely overwhelmed when I read his words, “You’ve been my personal confident.”

And thus were the books balanced, full compensation having been received for the past few years spent in this time-consuming, frustrating, money-losing  enterprise of hurling words into cyberspace.

  1. as “Dr. HGuy Files, Allan Showalter” – #8 on the list []

DrHGuy Is Outta Here Until June 4, 2012

The usual suspects – Duke of Derm, Princess of Peds, Lord of Leisure, Hippie With Tiara, the Duchess, and I – are Hilton Headed for our annual tri-family vacation.  Routine posting will resume June 4, 2012.

The Especially Popular Smart Aleck Post

For two days last week (before the Stormy Clovers posts were published, drawing a dazzling number of hits), the most frequently viewed Heck Of A Guy post – by a wide margin – was a September 5, 2005 entry titled Etymological Serendipity: Smart Aleck and Heck Of A Guy.

And why not?  It has everything associated with internet popularity:

  • Sex
  • Etymology
  • Money
  • Pimps and Prostitutes
  • Coincidence
  • Secret Passages Hidden In Walls
  • Thievery
  • Smart Aleckedness
  • Police Corruption
  • Cohen (OK, it’s G.L. Cohen, author of Studies in Slang Part 1 (1985), but still …)
  • Content that is arguably interesting and almost certainly useless

Heck, Etymological Serendipity: Smart Aleck and Heck Of A Guy falls short of being the perfect post only by the its lack of a cat photo with a hilariously misspelled caption.

And it’s yours for the reading at

Etymological Serendipity:
Smart Aleck and Heck Of A Guy

99 Boxes Of Books On The Wall – We Wish

Books, Books, Books, Books, …

Later this morning the Duchess of Durham and I will take delivery of the 99 (yes, we counted – twice) boxes of unsorted books that have been in storage in Chicago the past five years.

These represent the remains of the library previously housed at a former, much larger domicile. A portion of the upstairs section of that library can be seen below in the background of my demonstration of the dismount from the walker to which I was chained while recovering from a broken hip.1

Dismount From Pommel Walker

Dismount From Pommel Walker

Vs Shelves

We calculate we have enough empty shelf space to accommodate about two-thirds of those volumes.

The Consequences

I hope to resume less bookish postings in the next two or three days.

  1. See Walkernastics – The Walker Dismount []